Rhinoplasty Surgery in Las Vegas

One of the many common complaints people have regarding their appearance is the shape, length, and proportion of their nose. Some individuals seek cosmetic surgery to refine and reduce their nose, which they likely feel is out of proportion or misshapen and distracting. Whether you're unhappy with the appearance of your nose or wish to improve an existing condition through nasal surgery, we at Signature Plastic Surgery, can help. Our qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Himansu Shah possesses the talent and precision necessary to re-sculpt facial features to better meet the needs and wishes of his patients.

Knowing What to Expect

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is to help patients who are self-conscious about their nose achieve the look they want. During rhinoplasty surgery in Las Vegas and Henderson, Dr. Shah is able to artfully reconstruct the bones and cartilage within the nose to deliver well-proportioned and attractive results. If you'd like to increase, reduce, or re-angle your nose, this procedure may be the right choice for you. Dr. Shah will gladly discuss with you the details of the procedure, treatment options, after-surgery care, and the realistic outcomes you can anticipate.

In this procedure after making a small incision Dr. Shah would approach the inside of the nose. This is called the open technique, depending on the correction required to rectify the dorsal hump or reshape the tip of the nose he would do so.

Considerate, Skillful Care

Naturally, the decision to seek any sort of reconstructive or facial plastic surgery shouldn't be made hastily. The nose is perhaps the most noticeable and prominent facial feature, and a successful surgery demands an adept, well-trained surgeon. Your overall happiness and satisfaction with the end result depends greatly on the doctor you choose. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Shah understands the impact a negative body image can have on a patient or the complications. That is why he also offers body contouring procedures including liposuction and tummy tuck in Las Vegas. He treats each of his patients with the utmost respect and compassion, and delivers only the most professional looking results.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

Rhinoplasty | Signature Plastic Surgery Henderson NV

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