Are You Wondering How Much Dermal Filler You Need?

Dermal fillers have become one of the most popular anti-aging treatments around. A short treatment session can fill in lines and creases, fill out the lips, and build out the cheekbones to create better facial proportions. You may have heard a lot about dermal fillers. No doubt you’ve seen innumerable images of people who have used this cosmetic treatment to improve their appearance. This is exactly where things can go awry. There are details that need to be understood about dermal fillers to feel completely satisfied with treatment. We want to touch on those here.

How Much Filler Does It Take?

  • The amount of filler that one person needs will differ from another. In general, most patients can get the noticeable result they want with 1 to 2 syringes. A full syringe may be used in the lips alone if more obvious plumping is desired.
  • The more tissue degradation that has occurred (thanks, age!), the more filler will be needed to restore shape. This is true of the lips, cheeks, and other areas.
  • People who are very thin naturally have very little fat on their face. These patients may also need more product to achieve strong contouring effects.
  • Skin tone will affect results. Talk with your doctor about your skin and what you wish to achieve in terms of fullness and smoothness.

Answers Come Quickly

The goal of dermal filler treatment is to subtly enhance contours in the cheeks, lips, or other areas. Most fillers immediately bind to water molecules, bringing more volume to the skin. This means we will notice throughout your very first treatment how your skin reacts to filler. Modifications can be made as needed to increase volume to achieve your desired look.

Symmetry Is Not The Goal

The face is naturally asymmetrical. One side will look slightly different as a simple matter of anatomy and muscle tone. Sleeping on one side and spending time in the sun can also affect the symmetry between the two sides of the face. While the enhancement of volume can achieve minor improvements in symmetry, it does not achieve perfect balance.

Expectations Are Everything

  • Dermal fillers can refresh the face, but this treatment will not make you look 10 or more years younger.
  • Dermal fillers improve volume, which improves the curves of the cheeks or lips. Fillers can smooth lines and creases, as well. What they cannot do is correct sagging skin.
  • Every person may experience different results in terms of longevity, side effect, and even how much product it takes to fully correct contours.

We have years of experience treating the signs of aging with dermal fillers. To learn more, schedule a consultation in our Henderson, NV office.