Benefits Of Fat Injections For Facial Rejuvenation

One of the effects of aging that virtually all people experience is the loss of facial fullness. It is hard to avoid, seeing that skin, superficial, and fat cells all diminish over time. That which once sat appealingly across the higher points on the face eventually slips lower. As this happens, fat from the mid-face droops along the jowls, brows dip into the upper ocular orbit, and the corners of the mouth turn down. What research has discovered is that the addition of a little volume in the right places can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of the face.

Historically, the method used to bring youthfulness back into the face has been surgical in nature. Facelift surgery continues to have specific advantages. However, the reinstatement of volume is not one of them. Recently, doctors have turned to dermal fillers, products made with degradable hyaluronic acid or other organic substances, to improve contours in the cheeks and other regions of the face. Now, we know that a small amount of well-placed fat offers even more advantages.

Fat injections are increasingly popular for a number of reasons, including:

  • Fat has to come from somewhere. The fact that fat injections involve taking cells from a place such as the thighs, buttocks, backs of the arms, or other areas can be perceived as an added bonus to the overall process.
  • Lasting results. Fat injections may not do much more than what dermal fillers can do in terms of the extent of filling. What differs with fat, though, is that the cells that integrate into facial tissue stay put forever, affecting only by future aging.
  • Cost benefits. Because fat cells settle into their new home and do not degrade as dermal fillers do, there is no need for repeat treatments every several months. This increases the cost-effectiveness of fat injections.
  • Natural look and feel. Fat injections literally replace “like with like.” This means tissue will feel exactly as you expect. Patients even get a nice glow thanks to the increased blood supply the body sends to support newly integrated cells.

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