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Three Things You Shouldn’t Do After Breast Augmentation

The results of breast augmentation surgery can have a profound effect on the way a woman feels about her body. Whether performed to create shapeliness where there was none or to restore shape after pregnancy or weight loss, breast augmentation offers significant benefits that can last a lifetime. This is precisely why the procedure remains […]

Tuberous Breasts: More Than a Symmetry and Size Issue

The size, shape, and overall proportion of a woman’s breasts play an extraordinary role in her sense of confidence and femininity. The nuanced details of these characteristics become apparent during adolescence. When the breasts develop in a tuberous (tube-like) fashion, a young woman’s sense of self-esteem may be profoundly influenced. Tuberous breasts aren’t just small […]

Do You Struggle with These Breast Concerns?

The breasts are an integral part of the body for every woman. The size and shape of the breasts can play into the overall sense of confidence a woman feels about her frame. Over time, as structural integrity in the skin and connective tissue diminishes, the voluptuous nature of the breasts changes. What were once […]

What to Know about Exercise after Breast Augmentation

Thousands of women undergo breast augmentation surgery each year. In our Henderson plastic surgery practice, we conduct consultations that enable our patients to imagine what this procedure can do for them. We also answer questions and provide the full extent of information so each person knows what to expect. One of the important areas of […]

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