How to Nurture Your Skin’s Elasticity

Skin is elastic. We don’t often think of it like this but we definitely notice what happens when elasticity diminishes. To get a general sense of what elasticity is, you could pinch a small area of your skin, such as the back of a hand or the cheek. The speed at which skin bounces back […]

Let’s Address Those Laser Hair Removal Questions

Before we have the privilege of shaving, the task is something we may desperately want to do. Fast forward twenty years and the bright-eyed adolescent has long forgotten the bliss of those early days, nicks and all. At some point, most of us grow tired of the endless chore that shaving, waxing, and plucking become. […]

Details about Mommy Makeover Treatment You Should Know

At Signature Plastic Surgery, we assist patients with a wide range of aesthetic concerns. One of the common treatments that we consult with patients about is the mommy makeover process. Because this protocol is so incredibly popular, we must assume that there are many women who would like this treatment but who just aren’t quite […]

Skin Cancer: Would You Know?

Skin cancer is such a widespread topic in our arena that we can easily fall into the trap of assuming people know what they need to know about this disease. A recent interview given by former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres has reminded us that we have to stay on top of this discussion. We want […]

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