Labiaplasty is a Leading Cosmetic Procedure. Here’s Why!

Between 2015 and 2016 alone, the number of labiaplasty procedures performed around the world increased a whopping 45 percent. In the United States throughout that same year, we witnessed a 39 percent increase in numbers. This demonstrates the strong desire that women have for genitalia that suits their preferences. We are proud to offer empathetic […]

Why Breast Implant Rippling May Occur and What to Do About It

Rippling is one of the potential complications of breast augmentation surgery. This side effect is called rippling because folds in breast implants become visible or can be felt to the touch. Therefore, looking or feeling like ripples beneath the skin. What causes breast implant rippling? It is estimated that rippling may affect up to 10% […]

What You Can Do About Age Spots

Age spots. Liver spots. Whatever we call the points of discoloration that seem to appear with increasing regularity during midlife, we certainly can’t say we appreciate them. In essence, these spots are an indication of sun damage. Even if you wouldn’t call yourself a Sun Worshipper, chances are you have spent time outdoors throughout the […]

Plastic Surgery: A Process of Discovery, Not Assumption

Las Vegas is a city in which we are accustomed to seeing beauty. The massive and elaborate architecture of many buildings; the people who come and go from those buildings; beauty is everywhere, and people expect it. Many of the individuals who visit our office just outside of Vegas have a high expectation of themselves […]

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