Which Way to a Sculpted Chin?

Kybella Henderson, NVHaving a double-chin is a very real problem. The presence of excess fat and loose skin on the upper part of the neck is not only visibly distracting from a lovely facial esthetic but is also physically uncomfortable when certain types of clothing are worn. Because this area of fat accumulation, called submental fullness, is not related to overall weight, the minimal reduction may result from healthy lifestyle habits. This can be incredibly frustrating. But living with a double-chin is not the only choice. At Signature Plastic Surgery, men and women from the Las Vegas area can correct submental fullness in some ways.

Surgical Treatment for a Double-Chin

As much as a non-surgical treatment for submental fullness sounds ideal, there are reasons to consider neck surgery as a method of double-chin correction. To redefine the chin and jawline, the best approach may be to manually extract excess fat using an appropriate liposuction technique. The overlying skin and tissue can then be tightened as needed with a neck lift. Surgical treatment is appropriate for individuals who have developed more extensive skin laxity to go along with submental fullness. Another reason to consider a surgical approach is the longevity of results, and the quickness with which definition improves.

Non-surgical Treatments for a Double-Chin

It may have taken several years for the use of deoxycholic acid to be refined and approved, but the wait was worth it! Marketed as Kybella, the U.S. deoxycholic acid product has become a common treatment for men and women who prefer a non-surgical technique for restoring definition to their jawline and chin area. Although the non-surgical nature of Kybella treatment is appealing, it is important to know that up to 4 treatment sessions may be needed to achieve the desired outcome. Post-treatment swelling is also a normal side-effect that may appear obvious for several days. Finally, Kybella does not tighten the skin; it only reduces the number of fat cells in the local treatment area.

An additional treatment to consider for the correction of submental fullness is Ultherapy. This ultrasound-guided, controlled-heat treatment is intended for skin tightening more than it is for fat-reduction. However, when submental fullness is mild and associated more with laxity than the accumulation of fat cells, this approach may be appropriate.

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