Body Sculpting Surgery & Solutions

Dr. Himansu Shah of Signature Plastic Surgery is one of the leading surgeons practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada. He offers a multi-specialist approach helping his clients achieve the look they desire with the skill and artistry of the most experienced surgeon.

Dr. Shah is committed to setting realistic expectations for his clients ensuring that their goals and desires for their surgery are attainable. His foremost priority is to enhance the appearance of his clients while instilling a healthy body image for a more fulfilling life. Read more below or schedule a consultation to learn more.

After going to a few consults around Vegas and reading reviews, I decided to go with Dr. Shah at Signature Plastic surgery for my liposuction. I got upper and lower stomach as well as anterior and posterior flanks done. I am super happy with my results and my experience. Very welcoming staff, my procedure went smoothly, I chose to be awake during the procedure (under local anesthesia). I have quite a few tattoos and I’d say some of my tattoo’s were more painful that this procedure. The price was great, my experience was great, the healing process is much easier than I had expected. Would recommend Dr. Shah to anyone looking for work done!

board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Himansu Shah

Each patient is different and that is why we offer personalized consult and customize options to suit the needs of each individual. We want your goals for your surgery to be fulfilled and so discussing your expectations and goals with Dr. Shah and the team at Signature Plastic Surgery are an important part of the process. If you are considering body sculpting surgery, contact us today at (702) 684-5502 to set up a consultation with Board-certified Plastic surgeon Dr. Shah to start the journey towards attaining the body of your dreams.