Breast Implant Selection: An Indication Of Women Helping Women

Breast augmentation has been popular for well over twenty years. Since this procedure was developed, millions of women have turned to breast implants to create the proportions they have wanted for their bodies. An interesting aspect of breast augmentation, particularly breast size, is that this choice has followed trends. About thirty years ago, one could easily spot women who had undergone breast augmentation due to the large size of their breasts.

More recently, women were able to virtually hide the fact that they had had breast augmentation at all because the trend was to increase only subtly. Once again, we’re seeing a shift. This one is not as dramatic as we had in the 80s. Still, it’s there. Here, we discuss why it is that more women today are choosing larger breast implants than were popular ten to fifteen years ago and how other women are a strong influence of this choice.

Breast Size Is A Personal Matter, And Still, There Is Influence

An important aspect of the consultation for plastic surgery is to determine a patient’s motives for changing their appearance. It is no secret that breast augmentation has sometimes been sought by women who wanted to please a partner or achieve the appearance they thought others wanted them to have. Each woman wanting larger breasts must know how she wants to look and why. Even in the best of cases, we often see certain influence by other women.

Women naturally turn to one another for important information and support. How does this relate to breast augmentation? This influence occurs directly as well as indirectly.

Directly, women may be told by others who have had breast augmentation that they wish they had selected larger implants. Statistics suggest that a desire for larger implants accounts for a significant percentage of revision breast surgeries. This could be because women who get breast implants eventually get used to them. As they learn to navigate life with larger breasts, they feel they could do so with even larger implants. Indirectly, women influence other women through fashion. We inherently look at other people in magazines and online, especially when shopping for clothing. If larger-breasted models are the norm in popular clothing trends, there is a greater likelihood that a woman will envision the same for herself. These influences are not a bad thing. However, each patient must keep in mind that her body is unique and that breast implant size is a general detail that determines her final appearance. The best results come from good balance and proportion between breast size and the width of the chest.

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