Want A More Sculpted Jawline? Let’s Talk Options!

Up until a few years ago, most people had never heard the term “submental fullness.” Historically, excess fat beneath the chin has been called a double-chin. We still call it that today much more often than using the term submental fullness. More importantly, we have ways of refining the jawline to appear less “soft” and… Read More »

Want To Know What Cosmetic Procedures Are Great For Wintertime?

During the holidays, you might imagine that easy cosmetic treatments are all the rage. They are, but there’s more to this than people wanting to look their best for those holiday parties. Lunchtime treatments are great for seasons in which multiple special occasions occur. During wintertime, though, there is also a tendency for people to jump off… Read More »

Cosmetic Procedures Popular Among Men

Historically, men have sought cosmetic procedures in relative quiet, while their female counterparts could freely express interest in, and follow-through, with everything from face, lifts to breast procedures. Today, we are seeing a great new trend of openness from men, as well as women, regarding cosmetic procedures. The investment a man makes his appearance is… Read More »

Here’s Why You Want To Follow Doctor’s Orders Regarding Compression Garments

What happens after plastic surgery is as important as any other aspect of the makeover journey. For patients whose procedures are done to improve body contours, wearing the prescribed compression garment is an especially important part of recovery. This garment is made of an elastic fabric like lycra and is sized according to each patient’s measurements of… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery: As Safe For Seniors As It Is For Younger Patients

Interest in plastic surgery is on the rise — particularly among adults over the age 55 — according to data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, along with the increased popularity in plastic surgery among seniors comes the question: Is plastic surgery safe for older patients? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Himansu Shah… Read More »

Renew Your Look For The New Year

For most people, the start of the New Year represents a period of revitalization, making it the perfect time to reveal a new you. At Signature Institute of Aesthetic Sculpting, Dr. Himansu Shah and his trusted team offer a wide array of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments that make renewing your look for the New Year a… Read More »