How To Reduce Acne Scarring

A breakout is an annoyance. Frequent breakouts can be distressing. Chronic acne presents immediate concern related to obvious redness and pimples as well as a concern regarding scarring. In many cases, even mild to moderate acne can cause discoloration that takes months to fade. You don’t have to wait. With a few steps, it is… Read More »

Should You See A Dermatologist?

Most adults see their general doctor once a year for a good old-fashioned physical check-up. Children may see their doctor even more frequently depending on age, and most of us are relatively good about seeing the dentist twice a year. What may go widely unrecognized is the fact that dermatologic exams fit into the scope… Read More »

Correcting Sun Damage On The Face

Now that we are well into the joys of a freer, more socially-engaged summer, it is necessary to observe how our sunning may be affecting our skin. Sun exposure is one of the primary reasons the skin ages prematurely. The damage caused by our time in the sun is cumulative and can take years to reach the… Read More »