Considering A Facelift? Here’s Why That Is A Good Thing!

For many people, the signs of aging are a minor nuisance – at least for a while. We often consult with men and women from the Las Vegas area who have come to a point where enough is enough. They want facial rejuvenation, and they want it now. While there are many ways to go about reducing the signs of aging, Botox, dermal fillers, and so on, there is a gold standard. It’s the surgical facelift.

What’s All The Hoopla?

The reason that so many people are still turning to the facelift when there are various other options is simple: they want results. Here is what is achieved in a singular procedure:

Fuller Cheeks

Yes, you can add fullness to your cheekbones with dermal fillers, or with fat injections. However, what is lacking beneath the surface also matters. It isn’t only the skin that changes, nor the fat pads under the skin; the scaffold of muscle tissue that supports these superficial structures also breaks down. This is why a facelift is so impressive. During the procedure, the very foundation for surface tissues is rebuilt, draped into the position it held years prior. From that point, any additional filling that is done has the basis for longevity.

No Jowls!

Jowls are a facial feature that is synonymous with older age. Their appearance at the sides of the face is unwelcomed in most situations and causes a lot of men and women more than a little emotional turmoil. Jowl correction may be one of the greatest advantages of the surgical facelift, which smoothes the jaw line by lifting the fallen tissue away from the mandible ligament.

Smoother Skin

Lines and wrinkles can, in many cases, be filled relatively easily. However, there are instances in which nasolabial lines, in particular, become too deep for full elimination. The reason that these lines become cavernous is not related only to the drop in collagen, but also to the reduction of mid-face volume and structural support. When we drape the superficial muscles in a higher, tighter position, nasolabial folds are eased into a smooth surface.

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