Dad Could Benefit From Aesthetic Treatments, Too!

Every year, when Mother’s Day rolls around, spas and cosmetic surgery practices across the country get inundated with requests for gift treatments. Mom deserves it – she does a LOT! Much of our clientele consists of women who are getting away for the day, doing a little something to maintain their appearance, as well as their healthy attitude.

Although it is and should be, common for women of all ages to get treated to a little pampering, men are starting to realize that they, too, have a lot to gain by consulting with an experienced cosmetic surgeon and esthetician. The dad facial is real, and it is a wonderful thing. If you’re starting to panic already about this coming Father’s Day, consider how good cosmetic skin treatments may you feel.

There has been a huge misconception throughout much of history that a man’s skin doesn’t have the same needs as a woman’s. Men are naturally a little rougher around the edges; it gives them a primal appeal. But let’s not mince words here; dead, damaged skin cells, lines and wrinkles, and loose skin also make a man look tired and unhealthy. Spa treatments, injectables, laser treatments, and plastic surgery can change that.

Chemical Peels

For a convenient, comfortable boost in the appearance of the skin, men may consider a chemical peel. Next to injectable wrinkle-reducers, customized chemical peels are some of the most efficient and convenient methods of facial care a man may get. Because men like “quick and easy,” we may recommend this for any man that has yet to begin is own skincare routine that includes professional care.

The purpose of a chemical peel is to deeply exfoliate the skin. This need not mean that Dad’s skin flakes off for weeks on end; there are several peels to choose from. A light peel can restore a healthy glow without requiring downtime.

Laser Hair Removal

Who doesn’t know a man who is unhappy with rogue hair growth? It may be the nose, the ears, or the back that plague a man’s self-confidence. Excessive hair in any one of these areas is unpleasant. Laser hair removal takes some time, but the results mean no more shaving and no more frustration.

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