Details About Mommy Makeover Treatment You Should Know

At Signature Plastic Surgery, we assist patients with a wide range of aesthetic concerns. One of the common treatments that we consult with patients about is the mommy makeover process. Because this protocol is so incredibly popular, we must assume that there are many women who would like this treatment but who just aren’t quite sure about moving forward.

Here, we offer some details that may help you take your next best step.

  1. A mommy makeover is not only for mothers.
  2. If your breasts are not as high or perky or full as they once were, you may be a good candidate for a mommy makeover. If your stomach muscles and skin have become loose and saggy and exercise is only doing so much to help, you may love what a mommy makeover can do. You don’t have to have been pregnant or breastfed a child for your shape to have changed, but you might very well benefit from the treatment dubbed “mommy makeover.”

  3. not all about breasts and belly.
  4. Yes, pregnancy and breastfeeding and aging and a host of other factors can change a woman’s belly and breasts, and a mommy makeover has historically addressed these issues with breast lift or augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. However, we needn’t stop there. Some women struggle with fatty deposits on the back and around the bra area. Some would like to reduce sagging or circumference in the thigh area. A mommy makeover is fully customized to each patient’s concerns. Some cases even involve facial procedures.

  5. You can think outside the box.
  6. As if it isn’t enough to think outside the box in terms of what areas a mommy makeover treatment plan can address, we’re going to go even further. Every person is unique and some mommy makeover patients may not need surgery to address every issue. Breast augmentation or lift could be combined with CoolSculpting rather than liposuction. A patient may add on services like microneedling or chemical peels to revive facial tone as a way to completely revive her appearance.

    Mommy makeover treatment is all about you and your needs. From a tummy tuck to labiaplasty to Botox or breast augmentation, we can tailor a treatment plan to achieve the best outcome for you. Learn more. Schedule a consultation at our Henderson, NV office by calling  (702) 684-5502