Do You Know The Real Cause Of Wrinkles?

Wrinkles. Those lines and creases around the eyes, nose, mouth, and other parts of the body are characteristics our grandparents or parents have. Not us, though. We’re always too young when we begin to see the first signs of wrinkles. Historically, the perception has been that wrinkles go hand-in-hand with age. This is true, but maybe not to the extent many believe. Here, we want to discuss the contributing factors to aging skin and discuss how you might manage them.

  • Wrinkles come in two forms. The first wrinkles we tend to get are called dynamic wrinkles. These are the lines we see when we squint or frown. Lines may appear around the eyes and mouth when we smile and laugh. When we stop making said facial expression, though, the lines disappear. The other kind of wrinkle is referred to as static. This means that lines don’t disappear when the face is relaxed. Over time, as the skin loses supportive collagen and elastin, lines deepen.
  • Sun damage is one of the strongest contributors to premature aging. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight permeate unprotected skin and degrade the collagen fibers that provide firmness and resilience. To prevent sun damage, all we need to do is wear sunscreen wisely and regularly.
  • Nutrition has an effect on all physical processes, including the turnover of skin cells. Studies suggest that a process called glycation, which is the stiffening of protein fibers, occurs when a person consumes substantial amounts of sugar. On a brighter note, consuming nutrient-dense foods with vitamin C and E and antioxidants can encourage healthy collagen production and skin health.
  • It is no secret that smoking harms the lungs. This habit also harms the skin. It does so by robbing dermal tissue of oxygen that promotes circulation and cell health. The numerous toxins in cigarette smoke penetrate the epidermis and get absorbed into layers of tissue in which collagen exists, resulting in degradation. In addition to quitting a smoking habit, patients are advised to use high-quality skincare products with retinol and vitamin C to restore skin health.

Don’t Go It Alone

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