Do You Need to Be at Your Ideal Weight Before a Mommy Makeover?

After having children, many women feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in their post-pregnancy body. While an exciting and rewarding time in a woman’s life, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can cause changes to a woman’s figure that aren’t easy, and even impossible, to correct with diet and exercise alone. The body reconstructing procedures involved in a customized mommy makeover can speed up the journey toward reclaiming their youthful, pre-pregnancy figures.

Mommy makeovers can be life changing to patients when conducted by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Himansu Shah at Signature Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV. They typically include breast procedures, a tummy tuck to address excess skin and separated abdominal muscles, and liposuction to remove unwanted fat. Although mommy makeovers are procedures that lend a helping hand in the body contouring process, patients should be aware that it is not a weight loss solution on its own. Before undergoing a mommy makeover, patients should ensure they’re at a healthy pre-surgery weight to achieve optimal results safely.

What Procedures Are Typically Included in a Mommy Makeover?

As a highly customizable procedure, mommy makeovers involve choices that focus on different areas of the body commonly affected by pregnancy.

Tummy Tuck

During pregnancy, the abdominal area experiences an extreme amount of stretching to accommodate a growing baby. Once the baby is born, the skin and muscles don’t always retract back to their original position with ease. A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, addresses the loose skin and separated abdominal muscles in the abdomen area to give the stomach a flat, toned appearance.

Breast Lift

Pregnancy causes the breasts to become enlarged due to hormonal changes, especially during breastfeeding. As a result, the skin and supportive tissues become stretched. Once the baby is weaned, the breasts may shrink back to their normal size, but are often left sagging and deflated. A breast lift restores the breasts to a perkier, more youthful position on the chest wall while also correcting any asymmetry.

Breast Augmentation

While your breasts may have grown during pregnancy and breastfeeding, once the baby is weaned, it’s most likely that they’ll return back to their small size or even smaller than before. Women who want to maintain their breast volume, particularly the upper portion or the cleavage, can opt for breast implants to accentuate and define their curves.


Stubborn fat pockets that have gathered around the lower abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, and back after pregnancy are often the primary concern for many women. Liposuction removes helps to contour these problem areas and provide you with a lean, sculpted figure.

How Does Weight Impact the Outcomes of a Mommy Makeover?

Plastic surgery after childbirth is not intended for weight loss. These body contouring procedures aim to help address postpartum body changes by accentuating your curves from the breasts to the midsection. None of these procedures have the ability to alter a person’s BMI (Body Mass Index). The only way to change a BMI is through healthy lifestyle habits like a healthy diet and routine exercise.

There are multiple benefits changing your BMI before undergoing your mommy makeover procedure. As it pertains to surgery, BMI can impact the long-term cosmetic results of your body contouring surgery. If you have your Mommy Makeover at a slightly higher weight than you plan to maintain and then lose weight in the future, you might experience breast sagging or excess abdominal skin, altering the results you worked hard to achieve with your procedure.

How Much Do I Need to Weigh for a Mommy Makeover?

In general, surgeons recommend their patients reach a healthy BMI of 30 or lower to be considered mommy makeover candidates. As for your overall body weight, you’ll need to be close to your ideal weight, preferably within 10 to 20 pounds. By achieving a lower BMI, you’ll yield the optimal results being as close to your ideal weight as possible, you’ll also secure lower risks of side effects and complications, and your surgeon can conduct the most efficient surgical plan.

What Are the Added Risks to Having Surgery at A Higher Weight?

Having a mommy makeover procedure while you are at a higher weight can put you at a higher risk of developing infections. A higher BMI has been shown to weaken a person’s immune system, which can make it more difficult for the body to recover after a mommy makeover.

Additionally, mommy makeover results may be overall better for patients closer to their ideal weight. For example, a patient who still has 20 or 30 pounds left to lose before they’ve reached their ideal weight may find it more challenging to have a proportionate appearance if they have excess fat in other areas of their body. By reaching a healthy weight for your height, the results you’ll be able to achieve will be long lasting and cohesive with the rest of your features.

How Can Weight Stability Enhance Aesthetic Results?

If you are close to your ideal stable weight, your chances of achieving excellent, long-lasting, and proportionate mommy makeover results are greatly increased. For instance, if a patient has excess fat in multiple areas of the body, it might make be more challenging to create a well-proportioned figure. Even if liposuction is included in the treatment, it’s primarily meant to remove small pockets of stubborn subcutaneous fat rather than visceral fat near the patient’s core.

If a patient is obese, it isn’t realistic or safe to remove large amounts of excess fat from multiple locations. Additionally, if you’re significantly over your ideal weight when you undergo your mommy makeover, losing this excess weight in the future may negatively impact the results of your procedure. For example, your breasts or abdomen may be affected as you lose weight. For this reason, it’s generally a better decision to reach your ideal weight before choosing a mommy makeover.

How Do I Lose Weight Before a Mommy Makeover?

During your mommy makeover preparation, you can implement these cosmetic surgery tips in your lifestyle to help you achieve weight loss before surgery to prepare you for surgery and recovery time.

Exercise and Gain Muscle

Exercise can help you achieve a leaner and slimmer figure that can only be improved by a mommy makeover. Additionally, exercising regularly will help you achieve a smooth, seamless recovery since your body will be physically stronger and capable of healing more quickly.

Create a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is an easy way to lose weight and is essential to preparing for your mommy makeover surgery. If you need some additional help establishing a sustainable, nutrient-dense diet, speak with a dietitian or start removing highly processed foods and fast foods from your daily diet. You can also limit your sugar and sodium intake and start planning balanced meals full of fiber, healthy fats, protein, and fruits and vegetables.

Stay Hydrated

In your preparation for a mommy makeover, avoid sugary coffees, energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages. By switching to water and drinking an adequate amount every day, you’ll hydrate your body and flush out toxins that could lead to risks and complications during and after your procedure.

Is It Easier to Lose Weight After a Mommy Makeover?

Because abdominoplasty and liposuction are often included in a mommy makeover, and can correct diastasis recti—the separation of abdominal muscles, patients often feel lighter and more mobile. As a result, physical activity is often easier and more enjoyable, which can contribute to further weight loss.

Why Is Embracing a Lifestyle Change Important Beyond Surgery?

At Signature Plastic Surgery, we like to think of a mommy makeover as an opportunity to fine-tune your figure and jump-start a healthy lifestyle. Most of our patients are so excited and overjoyed with their slimmer, tighter results that they become highly motivated to continue their healthy lifestyle changes to maintain their results.

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