Do You Struggle With These Breast Concerns?

The breasts are an integral part of the body for every woman. The size and shape of the breasts can play into the overall sense of confidence a woman feels about her frame. Over time, as structural integrity in the skin and connective tissue diminishes, the voluptuous nature of the breasts changes. What were once perky, semi-firm breasts transform into sloped, sagging shapes of skin and tissue.

Historically, it has been assumed that breast implants provide the clearest path away from the common concerns related to breast laxity. Here, we want to point out that, although worth consideration, breast augmentation may not be the answer for every woman. Breast lift surgery can be very beneficial for specific concerns.

Breasts Aren’t In Their Usual Position.

For many of the years of a young woman’s life, she knows what to expect when she looks in the mirror. Breast tend to be full all the way around and sit relatively high on the chest wall. It isn’t until breasts begin to drop that a woman realizes these nuances of shape. There are several reasons why breasts change position over time. One reason is that the skin isn’t forever resilient. It needs collagen – and a lot of it. Without this protein, the skin that supports breast tissue becomes somewhat slack, allowing the weight of gravity to pull the breasts downward. With a breast lift, the skin that supports the breasts is tightened and, as such, breasts are returned to their previous, perky position.

Breasts Have Lost Their Shape.

It isn’t so much that breasts completely deflate and lose shape; the change in position on the chest wall can make breasts more sloped and droopy, even tubular than they once were. In order to restore shape patients do not need additional volume, but a remodeling of the cradle in which breast tissue sits.

The Nipples Point South.

Naturally, in some women, when breasts start to droop, the nipples follow suit. The downward slope of nipples can exacerbate the droopy appearance that has developed. Fortunately, nipple position is one of the aspects of breast lift surgery, bringing the minor characteristics of the breasts back into harmony.

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