Don’t Let Stigma Stand In Your Way Of A Mommy Makeover

There is an interesting fact about plastic surgery in the United States: a stigma has surrounded this area of aesthetic medicine since its inception. From the very beginning, plastic surgery procedures were something to deny. We were to believe that celebrities simply stayed young forever without help. This mindset is subtle and may continue today with statements such as “you look beautiful just as you are” or “why would you want to change the body that made your babies?”

We are on board with the belief that motherhood is an honor. However, we do not support the idea that every mother must wear sagging breasts, a floppy belly, and stretch marks as badges of that honor. If you are a mom who would like to correct what motherhood has changed about your body, there should be no stigma that stands in your way. Mommy makeover treatment can help you look and feel like your best self, but that isn’t the only reason women seek it.

Reasons For A Mommy Makeover


We see it all the time, celebrities whose bodies bounce back within weeks of giving birth. This is commonly plastered all over magazines and social media, but it is not an accurate depiction of what the everyday woman goes through. In our experience, many women work really hard to lose weight and get fit after having a baby. We also see those women feeling depleted and frustrated, as if they have failed because their tummy just won’t tighten or fatty deposits won’t be shed regardless of what they eat. A mommy makeover isn’t a shortcut to a great body but it sure does help put the finishing touches on continued effort.


Mommy makeover treatment does enhance physical features, yes. The series of personalized procedures can remove excess fat from the abdomen or other areas, reshape the breasts, and tighten the tummy. However, in abdominoplasty, the surgeon can also repair muscle separation called diastasis recti, a common complication of pregnancy. When abdominal muscles are weak, symptoms such as low back pain and urinary incontinence may occur. A mommy makeover can help restore strength and structural support to the midsection.

A mommy makeover isn’t all about looks. It’s also about the way a woman feels in her own body. How confidently and happily she engages in life. These benefits are as important, if not more so, than the enhancement of physical beauty.

Your mommy makeover is your business, and it’s our business to help you feel your best. Call (702) 684-5502 to schedule a consultation in our Henderson, NV office near Las Vegas.