Double-Chin Treatment: Is Kybella A Permanent Solution?

Excess fat anywhere on the body can be distressing. In recent years, research has centered on finding an answer to a very prominent and hard-to-treat problem: the dreaded double-chin. The solution? Kybella. This injectible product has made it possible for many patients to shelve thoughts of chin or neck liposuction or neck lift surgery (although, remember, Kybella does not tighten skin). But are the results from this minimally-invasive process permanent? That is the big question. Let’s start at the beginning.

A Closer Look At Kybella

  • The body naturally makes deoxycholic acid, a chemical that is useful for breaking down dietary fat.
  • Kybella is a synthetic form of this acid.
  • Clinical trials and, now, years of clinical use, prove that synthetic deoxycholic acid introduced to a localized collection of fat cells can destroy them.

Prior to the development of this fat-destroying product, the only way to minimize the appearance of a double chin was with surgery. Clearly, Kybella’s main advantages have to do with this treatment being non-surgical. Patients need not take days off from work to recover. There is no anesthesia nor any major pre- or post-care instructions to follow. Most patients get right back to their normal routine after their treatment. Convenient or not, there is still the matter of results.

What Lies Ahead

What may lie ahead for a man or woman treated with Kybella? After the few sessions that are necessary for the total destruction of targeted fat cells, is there a concern that the double-chin will return? The truth is, when dealing with the issue of fat, results are largely up to the individual.

Regardless of the method of fat-reduction – diet, liposuction, Kybella, or anything else – the fact is that there are fat cells that remain. The fat cells that continue to live on any part of the body could grow larger, but that all depends on lifestyle habits. Just as you would eat well and exercise to maintain your figure after weight loss or liposuction, these habits will enable you to enjoy lasting results from Kybella treatment. Taking good care of your skin with the daily use of sunscreen and professional collagen-boosting treatments as you age may also help you avoid the appearance of submental fullness in the future.

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