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Due to stress, genetics, harsh environmental factors, and lifestyle choice, the face is the one of the first areas that sees signs of aging. From sagging skin, jowls, fine lines and deep wrinkles, and an overall tired expression, it can be difficult to look in the mirror and recognize yourself as the person staring back.

One of the most requested procedures offered at our Henderson office is a facelift, a plastic surgery procedure that tightens loose skin, smooths lines and wrinkles, and restores a youthful facial appearance.

A facelift with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Himansu Shah can take decades off your face. The procedure will remove loose skin on your face and neck, tighten underlying muscles and tissues, and remove excess fat. The results are rejuvenated skin, refreshed facial contours, and a renewed sense of self and confidence.

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What Is a Facelift?

A facelift, medically known as a rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery procedure to rejuvenate the mid-to-lower face and neck. At Signature Plastic Surgery, Las Vegas facelift surgeon Dr. Shah offers a variety of facelift techniques that can vastly reduce signs of aging by removing excess fat, tightening the underlying facial muscles, and re-draping the skin back into its youthful position around the neck and face. 

In many cases, to create facial harmony, a facelift is often combined with other facial procedures, such as a neck lift and eyelid surgery

Choose Dr. Shah for Your Facelift Procedure

At Signature Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, it’s our mission to provide excellent care and a positive experience to patients by treating them with the utmost respect and professionalism. We consider it a great honor that they have decided to place their trust in us and allow us to walk beside them during this incredibly personal and life-changing decision. We make sure that we are available to them every step of the way from the moment they call us to schedule an appointment, to seeing them during their initial consultation, to answering questions and concerns, and finally to celebrating a successful recovery and stunning results.

Patients in the Las Vegas and Henderson area choose Dr. Himansu Shah not only for his incredible skills but also because of his personal manner and ability to listen. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with previous experience in general surgery, his experience and technique make him well-equipped for any situation that might come along.

“The most fulfilling moment in my profession is seeing a big smile on my patients’ faces. I feel very special to be able to make a difference in their life and help regain their confidence or achieve a look that they have been dreaming of their whole lives.”

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Himansu Shah M.D., F.A.C.S.

In Dr. Shah’s capable hands, the options are almost endless. From surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, Brazilian butt lift and Breast Augmentation, Dr. Shah can  deliver the results you’ve always desired with a simple trip to the office.

What Types of Facelift Procedures Are There?

As one of the oldest cosmetic procedures, facelift techniques and methods have adapted into one form or another since early last century. Most people are familiar with “traditional” or “full” facelift, but over the past few years newer, advanced techniques and tools, like endoscopes, are now being utilized due to being less invasive and offering faster recovery times. Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Shah can utilize a variety of different methods depending on your particular needs. 

Signature Plastic Surgery offers three types of facelift techniques:

A full facelift aims to rejuvenate the face, jowls, and neck. This procedure involves the most amount of lifting and repositioning of the muscles and facial tissues. Fat is also repositioned or utilized in other areas of the face to help resolve areas that are beginning to look hollow like the cheeks or beneath the eyes. Lastly, excess skin is trimmed, then it’s draped into a more youthful position.

A mid-facelift procedure focuses on the middle of the face, particularly the cheeks. Mid-facelifts are used to reduce puffiness beneath the eyes, correct nasolabial folds, and improve the definition of the cheeks. During this procedure, Dr. Shah uses small incisions in the lower eyelid or the mouth to carefully contour and adjust the mid-section of the face.

A limited-incision facelift is used when the patient doesn’t have much sagging to attend to. This procedure involves limited rejuvenation around the eyes and mouth, including the nasolabial folds and other deep creases. Shorter incisions are made at the temples, around the ears, and possibly in the lower eyelids and/or under the upper lip.

A mini facelift procedure is an ideal option for patients who have mild jowling and sagging skin around their face. An incision is placed along the hairline to lift and tighten the deep muscles around the cheeks. It can also help to tighten the skin and rejuvenate the lower portion of the face to give a younger-looking appearance.

A traditional facelift addresses moderate to advanced aging around the mid-face and neck. To further tighten the muscles and remove excess skin, liposuction can be added to the procedure to create more dramatic results. Similar to the incisions used for a mini facelift, they start at the posterior of the ear and just behind the hairline. Dr. Shah can then reposition the deeper tissues beneath the skin and remove excess skin to smooth creases, remove fat with liposuction, and eliminate jowls and sagging beneath the chin.

Best Candidates for a Las Vegas Facelift

If you are considering a facelift procedure, you should also be in good physical and mental health. We find it incredibly important to have a positive self-image as it helps our patients to move forward with their procedure with realistic expectations. If you don’t know what to expect or if you have questions surrounding the procedure, we will gladly address these through every step of the process.

While the choice for a facelift procedure may seem daunting, Dr. Shah of Signature Plastic Surgery & Dermatology can assist you in finding the best procedure during your consultation. He ensures his patients have complete peace of mind when choosing their procedure by educating them every step of the way. During your consultation, Dr. Shah can help you decide which facelift procedure type is best for you, depending on your areas of concern and the aesthetic you desire.

Facelift can be done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia per patient’s preference.

Delivering the Results You’ve Always Desired

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What to Expect from a Facelift Recovery?

Recovering from a facelift takes time and plenty of rest. Facial tissue has been lifted and repositioned, causing trauma, swelling, and bruising to the skin. After your surgery, your face will be wrapped in bandages and gauze, and draining tubes will most likely be in place. The first few days will be uncomfortable, but Dr. Shah can help you manage any discomfort with medication. You will need to sleep with your head elevated for the first week to help ease swelling. Many patients experience numbness in the treated areas, which is normal and is due to the facial nerves adjusting to their new positions. Most patients are able to return to work after the third week of their recovery.

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