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Even when your face is perfect, you may still be bothered by your neck. Our neck ages before the face. As we age, the skin beneath our chin shows the effects of wrinkles and loose skin. In fact, weight loss can actually lead to looser, more “flabby” looking neck skin, and a neck lift might be just right to complete your new youthful appearance. Our Las Vegas neck lift patients rave about Dr. Shah’s beautiful and natural-looking results.

Of course, we are here for patients of all ages who want to have tighter skin around their chins For some people, a reduction in the size of their neck goes beyond aesthetics. You will be amazed at the difference in the appearance of your jawline and whole face after a neck lift. Even though your neck is completely separate from your features, it can draw attention, and influences how you look. It will be our pleasure to help boost your confidence in this way!

Neck lift surgery in our Las Vegas practice is a simple procedure where the excess loose skin is removed and neck muscle under the chin is tightened through a small incision under the chin. Dr. Himansu Shah also removes excess of fat from the neck with neck liposuction which gives a great defined neck. After the procedure, a compression garment is worn to decrease swelling. After surgery, the bruising and swelling will decrease in a few days.

Am I A Candidate For A Necklift?

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after necklift female patient front view

Most adults who want to renew their sculpted jawline and neck are good candidates for this procedure. During your consultation, the doctor will ask about your goals, expectations, medical history, current health, and lifestyle. Please inform your doctor about any existing or chronic health conditions. Let your doctor know if you smoke, and discuss any medications or supplements that you take.

It is important to confirm that you are in good health and can undergo surgery safely. We also want to ensure that you can heal well and that you will be satisfied with your cosmetic outcome. Through discussion and explanation, you and your doctor will be able to confirm if neck lift surgery is right for you.

What Happens During The Neck Lift Procedure?

The neck lift procedure is conducted as an outpatient procedure. The two- to three-hour procedure may be done using general anesthesia or with local anesthesia and sedation. You will discuss your options for sedation during your consultation, and can get all of your questions answered at that time.

After you are anesthetized, the doctor will make incisions. You may have one or more incisions under your chin and incisions behind each ear. To sculpt your neck, the doctor removes excess fat from under your chin and along your jawline. Your neck muscles will also be tightened, and your skin will be pulled taut over your new contours. After trimming excess tissue, the doctor will place sutures to close your incisions. A supporting garment may be placed around your head immediately after surgery.

You may spend an hour or more in a monitored recovery room after surgery, where nursing staff will observe you as you come out of anesthesia.

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Himansu Shah M.D., F.A.C.S.

In Dr. Shah’s capable hands, the options are almost endless. From surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, Brazilian butt lift and Breast Augmentation, Dr. Shah can  deliver the results you’ve always desired with a simple trip to the office.

Can A Neck Lift Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Yes! Patients often combine their neck life with a facelift or other form of facial rejuvenation. By correcting the signs of aging in these two adjacent areas, the effects are beautifully enhanced. If you combine your neck lift with a facelift or nonsurgical rejuvenation, you can look noticeably refreshed without looking “done.”

What Is The Recovery Like After A Neck Lift?

After having a neck lift, you may not feel like socializing for one to two weeks. This is when your surgical side effects are most pronounced. Surgical recovery will involve swelling and bruising. Your neck may feel tight and sore. Fortunately, pain is rarely a problem after neck lift surgery. You may rely on prescription painkillers for a few days.  You may also need to wear a supportive chin strap, at least for part of the day, for some time. Your doctor will discuss when you can resume normal activities. Until that time, it is imperative that you avoid strenuous exercise and lifting heavy objects. Following your aftercare instructions, you can expect complete healing four to six weeks after your neck lift. That said, it can take several months for your surgical scars to mature. 

Are There Any Risks Involved With A Neck Lift?

The neck lift procedure is generally considered safe and effective. The surgery must be performed by a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon in order to keep risks to a minimum. The primary risks that we discuss with our neck lift patients are very similar to most surgical risks. These include infection, bleeding, poor wound healing, and an unsatisfactory cosmetic outcome. There is a chance of prolonged changes in tissue sensation, such as numbness or tingling, as well as the formation of a seroma or hematoma. This said, if you follow your pre-surgical and post-operative instructions, you can expect your body to heal nicely after your procedure. 

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