Fighting Facial Wrinkles With Proven Strategies

Lines and wrinkles may be a natural part of every person’s aging process, but the transformation of the face is not something most take “lying down.” We hear terms like anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting often because they are tactics that interest men and women of all ages. To obtain treatment that fights facial wrinkles doesn’t mean to alter your natural beauty; it means to restore it. Here are a few ways that we can help you do that.


To reinstate an appearance of youth, injectables is often the first step a person takes. This is true whether that person is in their late twenties and wants to ease into the aging process by softening muscle contractions with Botox or a person is in their fifties and wants to raise their brows as well as their jowls. Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers have opened the doors to a world of aging we could never have imagined. We are pleased to provide these non-surgical treatments in our Henderson office.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is also referred to as fat injections. This two-part process has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the longevity of results. When we use dermal fillers to augment the cheeks or other areas of the face, the organic product in the filler metabolizes over 6 to 24 months. When we use a person’s own fat cells, the integration that occurs supports permanent contours.


Ultherapy is the ultrasound-based tissue-firming treatment that has been used by celebrities of all ages. Christie Brinkley recently became a spokesperson for this device after relying on it to keep her skin fresh and youthful. Ultherapy is a treatment that smooths lines and wrinkles by inducing a strong and ongoing proliferation of collagen within the dermis. In addition to combatting wrinkles, Ultherapy can lift brows and sharpen the jawline due to the contraction of collagen fibers beneath the skin.

Schedule A Consultation

The value of seeing a cosmetic surgeon for facial rejuvenation is that you are more likely to find a wider selection of treatment options than in a standard medical spa. A consultation with Dr. Shah is an informative process that enables you to identify which treatment will best suit your expectations and preferences. To schedule your visit with us, call 702-684-5502.