Gynecomastia: What Is It And Why Should I Care?

Most medical terms do not mean a thing to the average person. However, their layman’s verbiage might. Gynecomastia is an example. This medical term is the technical jargon for male breasts, aka “man boobs.” If you are not a man who has man boobs and do not love a man who has man boobs, then this term truly may not be something you should care about. However, for those who do or love someone who does have male breasts, there’s a lot to concern yourself with.

Why Male Breasts Form

Every one of us has breasts. From male to female, though, there are typically stark differences. Men have less fatty tissue on their bodies than women. This alone affects how the chest looks. In ideal scenarios, the average man will also have more testosterone than the average woman. This is a variable that can change. Some men develop hormonal imbalance in which estrogen begins to override testosterone. Several factors may cause this. What doctors have discovered over the years is that it’s not necessary to determine the reason why a man has developed breast tissue, only that a solution could be found.

Correcting Male Breasts

Gynecomastia may be triggered by weight. It may be triggered by certain medications that alter hormones. It may be genetic. Rather than try to rebalance hormones, what holds the best hope of positive change is male breast reduction.

Male breast reduction is a beneficial procedure for men of all ages who are tired of hiding their chest or living in a state of self-consciousness due to enlarged breasts. The procedure may look slightly different from one person to another. Some of the techniques that may be included in a male breast reduction procedure include liposuction, gland removal, and tissue “lifting.”

  • Liposuction is the technique that removes excess fat.
  • Gland removal is self explanatory; the surgeon excises the breast gland so it cannot invite future enlargement.
  • Tissue lifting is a technique that may reposition a small amount of breast tissue to give the chest contours. Skin is also trimmed in this technique to smooth the chest.

Understanding what gynecomastia is, it’s easy to see it as a big deal for any man who has it. Man boobs affect appearance as well as self-esteem. To resolve this issue, trust a board-certified plastic surgeon. We’d love to help you or the man you love regain confidence. Call (702) 684-5502 to schedule a consultation in our office near Las Vegas.