Himansu Shah, MD

board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Himansu Shah

Himansu Shah, MD, FACS

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

When deciding to undergo plastic surgery, who you choose to perform your surgery is as important as what procedure you choose if you want to achieve the best results and have the most comfortable experience. Patients who select a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform their procedure can rest assured that they’re receiving the highest standard of care.

By choosing a doctor certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, you know that they are equipped with the most extensive education and training. They have also passed rigorous examinations to demonstrate their mastery of skills in their field.

At Signature Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Himansu Shah, our  board-certified plastic surgeon who has dedicated his career to patient satisfaction and educating others.

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Why Dr. Shah Chose A Career in Cosmetic Surgery

Growing up, Dr. Himansu Shah developed a passion and fascination for helping others. Early on in his education, he received top marks in science and enjoyed volunteering at the local hospital after school. While he finds all things about cosmetic surgery to be fascinating, what initially attracted Dr. Shah to plastic surgery was the ability to make people look and feel their absolute best—along with the challenges that great honor presents on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Shah felt he could accomplish that whether by performing a breast augmentation, breast implant removalfacelift, Brazilian butt lift, or a tummy tuck. Every time patients see themselves for the first time after their surgery, he feels tremendous gratitude for being able to help them achieve the look and confidence that they have been searching for their whole lives.

Education and Training

Dr. Shah’s early education began at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, where he graduated with honors and his bachelor’s degree. He went on to complete his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey and then moved to New York to acquire his general surgery training at SUNY-HSC and Temple University in Pennsylvania to further his skill in Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Shah and his family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, so that he could pursue a career in aesthetics, hand, and microsurgery at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. There, he accepted the title of Assistant Professor and Assistant Program Director in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. With his elite education, passion for teaching, and drive to change the lives of people around him, Dr. Shah opened his own private practice and, in doing so, earned himself a number of qualifications at several accredited institutions and universities.

Dr. Himansu Shah leaning on table

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Himansu Shah M.D., F.A.C.S.

In Dr. Shah’s capable hands, the options are almost endless. From surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, Brazilian butt lift and Breast Augmentation, Dr. Shah can  deliver the results you’ve always desired with a simple trip to the office.

Why patients choose Dr. Shah & Signature plastic surgery and Dermatology

At Signature Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, we provide excellent care to our patients and strive to treat them with the ultimate professionalism and respect. When patients come to Signature Plastic Surgery, they receive their care from a board-certified plastic surgeon at a state-of-the-art facility. We take great value in our patient’s time and consider it an honor to earn their trust and have them choose us to make such a life-changing decision. The personal care provided to each patient, the skill put into each procedure, and the ability to listen closely to their goals, questions, and concerns ultimately bring patients to Dr. Shah.

What To Expect From A Consultation With Dr. Shah

Dr. Shah believes that the best-made decisions are informed decisions, which is why he prioritizes spending time with his patients during their initial consultations. He discusses any concerns, answers questions, and reviews your medical and surgical history to ensure you’re a safe candidate for the procedure you want. After a thorough evaluation of the area being targeted by a procedure, he will inform the patient about all of their options for improvement. He’ll list non-surgical and surgical options, listing both advantages and disadvantages. His primary objective is to help his patients make the most informed decision possible while also helping them reach their ideal goals. You can rest assured that Dr. Shah will never suggest a surgery that isn’t right for you nor talk you into a procedure you don’t want.

“I love to treat and care for my patients as if they were my own family. My philosophy is to provide great care and develop a deep trust. There is no greater honor than gaining my patient’s trust.” – Dr. Shah.


An Interview with Dr. Himansu Shah

Growing up, I didn’t have physicians in my family, but I was always fascinated with helping people, so naturally, I was drawn to medicine. I enjoyed science classes in school and volunteering at my local hospital after school. Through those two experiences combined, I decided to pursue a career in medicine.

I find every aspect of plastic surgery to be interesting, but cosmetic surgery is the most exciting because of how impactful it can be for patients.

It is really gratifying to see the look on a patient’s face after performing a major procedure like breast augmentation, facelift, or Brazilian butt lift. I feel tremendous gratification from helping them achieve a new look and a new sense of confidence.

Our philosophy is to allow patients to take as much time as they need to have all their questions answered, explain the procedure in detail, review the benefits and the risks, and offer alternative approaches before moving forward.

I specialize in breast augmentation, breast lift, mommy makeover, liposuction, abdominoplasty, and Brazilian butt lift.

Yes, I personally perform all injectables and neuromodulators in-office. We also offer laser treatments, facials, and a variety of medspa services.

Yes, I have over 20 staff members, including dermatologists, MOHs surgeons, physician’s assistants, Aestheticians, Nurse Administrators, Patient coordinators, and medical assistants.