How To Bring Your Best Skin Into The New Year

We have reached that time of year that many of us dream of. The temperature has cooled significantly, which is a relief. However, where temperature cools, we typically also see a substantial increase in the dryness of our skin. If your skin has transitioned from plump and moist to dry and cracked, you may not only be uncomfortable but also at risk for premature aging. Here, we offer some simple ways to bring your best skin into the new year.

Start From Scratch

Just like a recipe or piece of art begins with a blank page or canvas, so must your best skincare routine. During the wintertime, one of the best things to do for your skin is to exfoliate it. Not a little, but a lot. It’s easy to think that using an exfoliating scrub in the shower will do the trick, but aestheticians commonly surprise clients by noting how much cellular debris they have blocking the surface of their skin.

We have a few ways to help patients of our Las Vegas area office refresh their skin. Chemical peels provide a fast and effective path to a better complexion. These professional peels are customized to achieve just the right amount of exfoliation. In some cases, patients don’t need even a day of downtime. For more dramatic results, a moderate peel may be conducted. This may incur about a week of redness and flaking before a gorgeous new glow is revealed.

Another path toward smoother, brighter, healthier skin is our Micropen microneedling treatment. Hydrating gel minimizes the sandpaper sensation that occurs as microscopic needles penetrate the uppermost layers of skin.

Why This Matters

There are two reasons why adequate exfoliation is vital to healthy, rejuvenated skin. One is that the layer of tissue that sits on top of the skin is virtually dead. It holds no value and presents an obstacle for nourishment. When the epidermis is topped with debris, very little, if any, absorption of skincare ingredients takes place. Second, exfoliation is a method of stimulating collagen production, and we all know how important collagen remodeling is to any anti-aging program.

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