How To Get The Results You Want From Dermal Filler Treatment

Soft tissue fillers have become commonplace in today’s cosmetic market. We utilize these effective products to smooth lines and creases around the nose and mouth and even to add volume to the cheeks and definition to the chin and jawline. Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane offer numerous benefits. The key to getting the results you want, though, lies in the performance of injections more than the products used to correct the signs of aging. Here, we offer a few points to consider before you schedule dermal filler treatment.

  • Consult with a certified medical practitioner for injectable treatments. Cosmetic surgery practices are not only capable of rejuvenating the face with surgical procedures. To obtain the safest and most effective dermal filler treatment, experts recommend obtaining care in a medical setting rather than a resort or spa.
  • Avoid that deal on dermal fillers. Our office occasionally offers special pricing for various treatments. These specials are comparable to other medical offices in the area, which tells you that we are using FDA-approved products and that only trained professionals are performing treatments. Good deals often sound good, but they may lead to unpleasant results if the injector is not using an approved product or is still honing their injecting skills.
  • Use sunscreen after your treatment. Whenever the skin is altered by incisions or even tiny needles (as is the case with dermal fillers), there is a chance of pigment changes. An increase in pigment in the area of injections is more likely to occur when sun exposure happens too soon after treatment. To be safe, patients are encouraged to apply sunscreen and even wear a wide-brimmed hat when outdoors. This doesn’t need to continue for more than a few days, although creating this habit can save your skin from premature aging.

One of the primary benefits of dermal filler treatment is that patients get to see their results immediately. Depending on the treatment area and type of filler used, the improvements achieved with dermal fillers may last from a few months to two years.

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