How To Reduce Acne Scarring

A breakout is an annoyance. Frequent breakouts can be distressing. Chronic acne presents immediate concern related to obvious redness and pimples as well as a concern regarding scarring. In many cases, even mild to moderate acne can cause discoloration that takes months to fade. You don’t have to wait. With a few steps, it is possible to hasten the tissue healing that needs to occur to wipe out the evidence of acne forever.

Home Care For Clearer Skin

Acne care, both during and after an active phase, requires a well-rounded approach. Daily skin care is a vital aspect of maintaining healthy skin, and ingredients count. Beneficial skin care ingredients include:

  • Alpha hydroxy acids. There are numerous types of alpha hydroxy acid and all can be beneficial. These acids gently exfoliate the uppermost layer of the skin when used daily. By encouraging cellular turnover, AHAs bring healthier skin cells to the surface.
  • Salicylic acid. This naturally-occurring compound cleanses the skin of dirt and dead skin cells that adhere to the epidermis and clog pores, trapping acne-causing bacteria inside.
  • Retinoid products like Retin-A are commonly prescribed to patients with acne to help clear inflammation. Retinoids reduce swelling and redness and also promote cellular turnover to hasten the emergence of healthy new skin cells on the epidermis.

Medical Treatments For Skin Health

Quality skin care products are a must for the utmost skin health. For faster, more dramatic results, many people also turn to medical treatments to reduce discoloration and scarring caused by acne. Proven treatments include:

  • Chemical peels. A chemical peel can be customized to meet a variety of needs. This treatment can be so gentle that a person with active acne can have it done. Discoloration is lightened through chemical peel treatments by the enhanced speed of cellular turnover. Depending on the strength of treatment, only minor flaking may occur. For more dramatic turnover, a deeper peel can be conducted.
  • For several years, microneedling has been a popular treatment for slowing down cosmetic aging. Considered a form of collagen-induction therapy, microneedling is conducted in the clinical setting using an automated handpiece that creates tiny channels in the upper layers of the skin. To enhance the tissue regeneration of microneedling, we also suggest the inclusion of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in the treatment process.

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