How To Spot The Signs That You Might Want A Facelift

We often hear that aging brings more benefits than it does frustrations. We hear that our worry lines mean we have loved and our crow’s feet mean we have smiled and laughed. This awareness doesn’t change the fact that lines, creases, and other cosmetic changes can make a person feel unhappy about their appearance. It’s possible to appreciate the value of aging and also want to maintain a more youthful look. A facelift may be the ideal way to achieve this. If you’ve begun to wonder if now is the perfect time for you to get a facelift, we’re here to help. First, we’ll point out a few ways that you may determine that.

Are You Ready For A Facelift? Here Are Some Clues!


Of course, you still look like you throughout your life. However, many of the patients who visit us for a facelift say the same thing: “I don’t look like me anymore.” This happens because aging does more than cause lines and wrinkles. As we age and lose volume in critical areas like the cheeks, we also gain volume in other critical areas, like the jawline. The shift in volume changes the face from a Y shape to an inverted V. The face no longer tapers to a point at the chin. Instead, it may look wider and longer and generally devoid of contour. Getting a facelift isn’t about looking young again so much as it is about looking like yourself again.  


It isn’t that you haven’t appreciated what injectable like Botox and dermal fillers have done for you, nor that they have become completely ineffective. But you may be noticing one of two things. Maybe you’re having to get injections more frequently than you once did. If you’re using dermal fillers to address volume loss in the mid-face, you may be feeling like you look a little puffy; not quite like the younger self you’re going for. Sometimes, people choose to have a facelift just because they want more noticeable rejuvenation that lasts many years.

There are many reasons people find for determining when it is the right time for a facelift. If you would like more information regarding this procedure, contact us at (702) 684-5502 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Shah.