Innovation Aside, Liposuction Still Rocks!

For many years now, we have seen liposuction sculpt everything from cankles to double-chins to saddlebags, and we love seeing the beautiful results that can be achieved with this cosmetic surgery procedure. It is effective from head to toe, which could be one of the primary reasons why patients also continue turning to liposuction to improve their shape, even in light of the many recent developments in body-sculpting.

Liposuction targets resistant fat in the most direct way possible, by softening fat cells and then removing them entirely. Through this process, we can achieve the most dramatic, yet most natural-looking results for male and female patients alike.

The Downside To Advances In Aesthetic Medicine

One of the primary temptations that patients have today is to compare liposuction to non-surgical treatments like CoolSculpting (for abdominal fat) and Kybella (for submental fullness, or double-chin fat), or others. As convenient and seemingly affordable as such treatments can be, there is also a matter of efficacy and secondary issues related to fat reduction.

When fat is eliminated through “natural means” such as freezing or heating to prompt metabolism of targeted cells, there is no guarantee that the skin will tighten. CoolSculpting, in particular, is a procedure after which only fat reduction occurs; no skin tightening. To leave out this vital piece of the body-sculpting puzzle could mean a sense of dissatisfaction when what you should be feeling after your treatment is excited and self-confident.

One of the aspects of the physical examination before liposuction is to evaluate the condition of the skin and superficial muscle tissue. We want you to love your body after your fat-reducing procedure. To achieve this, what you may need is liposuction plus abdominoplasty or another lifting procedure.

Is it possible that a non-surgical body-sculpting procedure could improve the way you feel about your body? Absolutely. But because there are several factors involved, the greatest advantage comes from consulting with your experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon about your expected outcome.

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