Is Breast Reduction In Your Future?

Most women would like to have breasts that accentuate her overall proportions. This is why breast augmentation surgery is so popular, and has been for many years. Enlarging the breasts isn’t the only way to bring out the best in your body. If you are one whose breasts are naturally quite large, your preference may be to reduce their greatness in order to maximize the greatness of your figure.

What To Know About Breast Reduction

There are several points that your surgeon will cover with you prior to your breast reduction procedure. However, we know that most patients do a fair amount of online research before ever scheduling their consultation. One of the questions you may be asking is “what is recovery like?.” Let’s see!

It may come as a surprise to hear that recovery from breast reduction surgery is not all that bad. Many patients are asking when they can return to the gym within a week or so. Before we go too far, let’s focus on the early days of recovery, and how you can make the most of your time off.

  • Don’t test your pain tolerance. No one likes to be in pain for very long. The effects of anesthesia and minor disruption to nerve endings could leave you feeling pretty darn good the day of your procedure. It’s not that you will go from no pain to intense pain, but there is no benefit to finding out how uncomfortable you would be without medication. You are given prescription medication. Take it! Usually, pain subsides a great deal within the first few days. Then you can decrease your dose as you feel more comfortable.
  • Manage your expectations. Plastic surgeons talk a lot about expectations. If we didn’t, patients may try to resume activities far before their body is really ready. Even if soreness and sensitivity subside, exercise should not be performed for at least 3 weeks (longer, if the preferred workouts are strenuous). Most patients don’t go back to work for 2 weeks, sometimes longer.
  • Rely on adequate support. A sports bra provides a good amount of tissue support. However, the first days after breast reduction will be spent beneath a surgical bra.

Reducing the size of your breasts can mean a lot more confidence from here on out. Learn more about this procedure when you call our Las Vegas area office on 702-684-5502.