Is Ultherapy The Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Lifted Skin?

We all like to look our very best, which means most people have a desire to look refreshed and alert no matter their age. As you know, aging and sun exposure can have a profound effect on the skin as well as the structures beneath the skin that give the face its curves and structure. At some point, the decline of facial contouring may need to be addressed. Initially, many people do this with injectable fillers. The next assumed step is facelift surgery. However, there may be a step in between: Ultherapy.

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy represents a non-surgical option for men and women who want to feel better about their appearance; who want to see lifted cheeks and minimal jowls (if any). The Ultherapy ultrasound device has been approved in the U.S. and several other countries to reverse the signs of aging in the eyebrow area, the cheeks and jawline, and the neck. It may also be used to correct sun damage and wrinkling in the décolletage area.

Ultrasound is recognized as a useful diagnostic tool but has only recently emerged as a reliable therapy for sagging skin. The way that treatment works is by stimulating collagen. Laser and other energies such as radiofrequency also do this, so why Ultherapy? The difference that makes Ultherapy so appealing is that this device combines the diagnostic and therapeutic power of ultrasound. Using ultrasound imaging, we can locate the best depth of tissue for treatment, usually about 4.5 mm on the first pass and 3mm on the second. The deeper tissue that is affected during Ultherapy treatment is the same that is lifted during facelift surgery.

Can Ultherapy Replace A Facelift?

Many people are interested in reducing the signs of aging without surgical procedures. To accomplish this goal, we suggest starting treatments at the earliest indication of aging. When the skin and superficial tissues have become severely lax, the only way to achieve the desired level of improvement may be with surgery.

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