It’s Not Too Late To Gift Yourself New Breasts Before The Holidays!

We are weeks away from celebrating the holidays with loved ones, thanks to advances in the management of the novel coronavirus. While gathering with family and friends once again is a prize in and of itself, getting back into the swing of a normal holiday season may have brought back feelings of dissatisfaction with your appearance.

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, there is no time like the present to give yourself this gift. Yes! There’s still a window of opportunity before the holiday parties begin! Here, we discuss how. 

Come In For A Consultation Sooner Rather Than Later

With such a small window between now and the major holidays, it’s best to contact our Las Vegas or Henderson office right away. This allows us time to sit with you and discuss your concerns and desired changes. During your consultation, you will receive information about breast implant types that go well beyond options like saline and silicone. Many advances have occurred to make breast augmentation an amazing experience. Once you learn all about them, you can determine which options are meant for you and we can get your surgery on the books. 

Take Time Off

Getting breast augmentation before the holidays is one thing. Recovering is another. What we want is a full recovery so you can enjoy every moment of a bustling season. We can say that there is still time for breast augmentation because all you really need is a week to 10 days to allow the majority of postoperative side effects to diminish. Our best recommendation for rapid healing is to rest. Taking even 4 days off from everything to do nothing but eat well, take short walks, sleep, and read or catch up on shows is one of the best ways to recover well from this procedure. After about a week, you may resume most of your normal activities.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

One thing to keep in mind if you schedule breast augmentation at this time of year is that, even when you get to feeling much better, your surgeon may still advise you to avoid heavy lifting. That means those shopping bags full of gifts will need to be carted around for you. A better option may be to order gifts online this year so you don’t have to lift a thing.

We’d love to talk with you about your desired cosmetic changes and how we can help. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (702) 805-2058.