Labiaplasty Is A Leading Cosmetic Procedure. Here’s Why!

Between 2015 and 2016 alone, the number of labiaplasty procedures performed around the world increased a whopping 45 percent. In the United States throughout that same year, we witnessed a 39 percent increase in numbers. This demonstrates the strong desire that women have for genitalia that suits their preferences. We are proud to offer empathetic and professional care to women in the Las Vegas area who are interested in labiaplasty and other cosmetic procedures. Here, we discuss why this form of vaginal rejuvenation is so popular.

What Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the cosmetic surgery that focuses on the refinement of the labia, the tissue that is the inner and outer “lips” at the opening of the vagina. The overall size of the labia majora (outer lips) and the labia minora (inner lips) is unique to each woman. When the labia minora are larger than the labia majora, problems arise. By shortening or otherwise modifying either, labiaplasty opens the door to several benefits.


There is a widespread theory that the popularity of labiaplasty procedures stems from the “standard” set in pornographic pictures and films. Not so, according to statistics. The fact is, overly large labia can present significant cosmetic concern for a woman. There is the discomfort of appearing naked, and the dissatisfaction with their appearance in the nude, but there’s more. Large genitalia may make it difficult for a woman to wear certain types of clothing. Excess tissue may appear bulky in workout clothes, or in a bathing suit. Modifying the labia to a smaller profile eliminates these cosmetic concerns.


If you are a woman who is considering labiaplasty, you may also be well aware of the physical discomfort that occurs when there is excess genital tissue. The labia minora is delicate skin that may chafe against certain clothing items. Tissue may get pinched in clothing as well, or may just feel sore or tender due to the compression of clothing. Labiaplasty removed redundant tissue, thereby improving the physical comfort a woman experiences on a daily basis.


Some people say that the removal of excess genital tissue enhances the sexual experience. It may be because sensitive areas are more accessible, or it may stem from the improved sense of confidence a woman feels in her own body. We cannot overlook the simple fact that long or sagging labia can be subtly tugged or torn during sexual intercourse, diminishing satisfaction. If all labiaplasty were to do was improve comfort during sex, that would be a win. According to patients, though, that is the least of it.

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