Lip Injections: How Much Do They Hurt?

If you relied solely on social media and magazine images of our favorite celebrities, you might think that full, voluptuous lips became a trend just a few years ago. In reality, the shape and size of the lips have always been associated with femininity, attractiveness, and youthfulness. The reason we see the trend soaring at this time in history is because we can do something about thin, deflated, unshapely lips.

 Lip injections are a regular service provided in our Henderson and Las Vegas offices every week. We know what is possible with good lip filler treatment. You may have a pretty good idea yourself, but you’re still procrastinating. The most common reason people put off their lip injections is because they think it will hurt. Here, we discuss more about this idea.

What Are The Benefits Of Lip Augmentation?

Naturally, getting injections into the lips is going to be somewhat uncomfortable. The lips are a very sensitive area of the body, and injections tend to give a little pinch anywhere they are done. That said, there are two questions to consider. One is how much lip injections will be felt and another is whether or not the benefits of lip enhancement are worth the temporary discomfort. Some of the benefits of this treatment include:

  • The patient is in control. Lip injections work by drawing water molecules into the skin. The effects are immediate. Some patients watch as their provider performs their injections. Some observe their changes in a mirror after every few injections. Either way, this puts the patient in control of their reshaping. They determine when their lips look the way they want, which creates a great deal of satisfaction. 
  • Reshaping can be gradual. When the patient gets to be in control, they can choose to get a little filler in one sitting and then return for more a few weeks later. 
  • Natural-looking results come with few side effects. It’s possible to resume most normal activities after lip injections. Patients may be instructed to avoid massage and other services that put pressure on the treatment area. However, there is no downtime needed to recover.

But Does It Hurt?

The lips are a more sensitive treatment area than the cheeks. So even if you’ve had injections in that area or around the eyes, you may feel more of a pinch in your lips. It’s difficult to say that lip injections are either painful or not painful because pain tolerance is so widely varied from one person to another. If you’re unsure where you may stand, your best bet is to talk to your provider about applying some numbing cream to your lips before your treatment begins. If this is done, the cream needs to stay in place for about 30 minutes.

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