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PDO Thread Lift in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Have you considered getting a facelift to help tighten sagging skin along the jaw, chin, and cheeks, but you’re unsure if you ready or able to commit to an invasive surgery like the facelift? Now, there is an alternative to a facelift that helps to lift and tighten the skin along the jaw and cheeks called PDO Thread Lift

PDO thread lifts are a revolutionary new procedure that is gaining in popularity amongst physicians and patients for its ability to achieve similar results to a facelift without the invasive surgery and lengthy recovery time.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Himansu Shah has helped his patients eliminate signs of aging from fine lines and wrinkles to sagging skin while also restoring their youthful radiance and confidence using innovative non-surgical and surgical techniques. Dr. Shah and his team of experts at Signature Plastic Surgery & Dermatology are committed to providing their patients with the best possible experience and long-lasting results.

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What Is A PDO Thread Lift?

PDO is short for polydioxanone. For decades, these biodegradable threads have been used in procedures that need absorbable sutures, such as heart surgeries, orthopedics, and tissue engineering. Now PDO is being used by plastic surgeons to transform facial rejuvenation.

Skin naturally starts to lose collagen and elasticity as we get older. The results of this lost protein is sagging around the mid face, eyes, neck, and jawline. The PDO thread lift can renew, lift, and define sagging areas on your face and restore lost collagen over time. Thread lifting with PDO threads is a non-invasive procedure that is gentler and kinder than other facial rejuvenation options. Through the use of tiny biocompatible threads being strategically placed beneath the skin, the skin is “lifted” back into a more youthful state while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Why Choose Dr. Shah For PDO Thread Lifts?

At Signature Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, we are dedicated to excellent patient experiences. By creating an atmosphere of professionalism and respect, our patients continue to return to us for all of their aesthetic needs. We understand that choosing to undergo an aesthetic procedure is a deeply personal decision and one that requires time and consideration. During your consultation, we will be available to answer questions and provide as much information about the procedure you’re interested in to give you total peace of mind,

Patients who choose Dr. Shah, not only choose him for his professionalism, but also for the friendly atmosphere he creates and his ability to listen. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with previous experience in general surgery, he is exceptionally well-equipped for the most complicated procedure or the most simple.

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Himansu Shah M.D., F.A.C.S.

In Dr. Shah’s capable hands, the options are almost endless. From surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, Brazilian butt lift and Breast Augmentation, Dr. Shah can  deliver the results you’ve always desired with a simple trip to the office.

What Benefits Do PDO Thread Lifts Offer?

PDO Thread lifts show immediate results after your treatment. There’s no waiting around for incisions to heal or swelling to go down like with other facial rejuvenation treatments. Other than some slight redness and bruising, you’re free to enjoy your results immediately after your appointment. Better yet, your results will continue to improve after a few months as your body creates new, healthy collagen and send it to your skin.

PDO threads have been approved by the FDA and polydioxanone has been used for cardiovascular surgery and other medical procedures for years. It is an inherently safe material that the body doesn’t reject. Furthermore, PDO threads are hypoallergenic and safe, so you can focus on enjoying your results and less on recovery or complications.

Due to the vast array of threads available and the capability to inject them at different angles, Dr. Shah can tailor your treatment to meet your individual cosmetic goals. Thin threads, for example, are great for restoring volume in the cheeks and chin. While thicker threads work well for lifting and tightening the skin along the neck and around the jawline.

Although many people want to fight signs of aging, not everyone is willing to undergo cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, thread lifts require no incisions or scarring and can be done is just one office visit. Due to the non-invasive nature of PDO thread lifts, this means there’s no recovery time required and you can resume your regular day-to-day schedule right away.

What Areas Can PDO Threads Help Improve?

One of the greatest things about a PDO thread lift is that is can improve the appearance of several parts of your face. It’s most commonly used to improve signs of aging along the lower portion of your face including your cheeks and jawline as other non-invasive procedure aren’t always able to target these issues. At Signature Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, we recommend PDO thread lifts to address the following problem areas:

What To Expect From A PDO Thread Lift?

To start, Dr. Shah will conduct a thorough evaluation of your skin during a consultation to determine your suitability for a PDO thread lift. He will also ask for specific medical information like past cosmetic surgeries, medications, any drug allergies, and a discussion around your cosmetic goals.

Once we conclude that everything is in order and you qualify for a PDO treatment, we’ll proceed with your treatment. The average PDO thread lift treatment requires around 30 minutes to complete. The treatment begins with a cleansing to remove dirt and oil from your skin. Then, we’ll numb the treatment area and administer a local anesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain during your treatment.

Next comes the injection to the treatment area. There are different types of threads to choose from, which will depend on what you want to achieve. When injecting PDO threads, it can be done using a blunt needle known as cannulas or sharp needles. These cannulas are inserted into different layers of the skin and all the threads to anchor into place and lift the skin.

Delivering the Results You’ve Always Desired

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What To Expect From Your PDO Thread Lift Recovery and Aftercare Treatment?

In general, the recovery period for a PDO thread lift will take about a week. You can expect temporary soreness, swelling and redness or bruising along the injection sites, but these should resolve themselves quickly. During your recovery process, you may notice that the texture of skin is plumper and the wrinkles have decreased. Results will only continue to improve throughout the next couple of months.

Following your procedure, you’ll receive after-care instructions or restrictions to provide you with the fastest recovery possible and ensure you receive the best results. Most restriction and limitation will apply for the first 24 to 72 hours of your treatment. Your post-treatment instruction may include:

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PDO Thread Lift

The total price tag for your customized thread lift will vary, based on the extent of your concerns. Dr. Shah will provide an accurate estimate at your consultation.

For even more dramatic anti-aging results, you may wish to add Botox®, laser skin resurfacing, a chemical peel, or facial fat injection to your tailored treatment plan. Be sure to ask Dr. Shah about these options when you meet with him in person.

We will make every effort to ensure your treatment is comfortable and easy to tolerate. Because the sutures are so small, most people say they cannot feel them in place once their skin has healed around them.