Plastic Surgery: A Process Of Discovery, Not Assumption

Las Vegas is a city in which we are accustomed to seeing beauty. The massive and elaborate architecture of many buildings; the people who come and go from those buildings; beauty is everywhere, and people expect it. Many of the individuals who visit our office just outside of Vegas have high expectations of themselves and how they appear in their life. We take pride in helping them reach their intended outcome by providing personal aesthetic care. Here, we discuss how some patients receive a surprise upon consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Shah.

The Tendency Toward Assumption

We often hear what happens when we make assumptions. Most people pride themselves on having a relatively open mind to the possibilities in life. However, when it comes right down to it, we happen to see quite a bit of assumption. Here’s what that might look like . . .

The Issue Of Unwanted Fat

Unwanted fat is the instigating factor that leads a lot of people to the idea that they could benefit from liposuction. This may be an accurate theory, but should not be assumed as fact, especially when the midsection is the area of concern. In many cases, what happens during our consultation and examination is the discovery of muscle laxity or even separation. When the underlying tissue is loose and saggy, removing excess fat from the uppermost layer of tissue may create an undesirable effect. If you’re considering abdominal liposuction, keep an open mind about the possible need for an abdominoplasty to tighten underlying structure.

The Issue Of Surgery

Another common assumption that occurs today is the idea that surgery is not necessary. With the plethora of non-surgical, injectable products that are available today, we can understand why a person might misperceive the benefit of such treatment. What we need to be careful of with dermal fillers and other injectables is disruption of natural facial curvature. In some cases, the best results come from a surgical facelift and adjunct injectable treatment that focuses on reinstating midface volume.

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