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What is a buttock augmentation?

Interested in glorifying your gluteus maximus? At Signature Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, we understand the desire to enhance your physical appearance. Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure that helps to improve the contour, size, and/or shape of the buttocks. Dr. Himansu Shah, a Board-certified Plastic surgeon that serves the Las Vegas/Henderson area has several options for maximizing your results. Call (702) 805-2058 today to schedule your buttock augmentation consultation in Las Vegas!

Am I a good candidate for a butt augmentation?

Good candidates for a butt augmentation include the following:

  • Asymmetrical buttocks
  • Significant soft tissue looseness in the gluteal area
  • In good physical health without medical conditions that could impact the overall recovery process.
  • Nonsmokers
  • Patients with a positive outlook and realistic goals.

What are my options for buttock augmentation?

Dr. Shah is able to use butt implants, a fat transfer, or sometimes a combination of both for your buttock augmentation. He will sit with you to discuss your goals and to help create an individualized plan. Dr. Shah is able to provide the following procedures in his Henderson/ Las Vegas location:

  • The Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer)
  • Butt Implants (with or without Fat Transfer)

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure:

This procedure enhances the area by first removing excess fat from your body via liposuction. Fatty tissue is harvested from areas of the body that traditionally store excess fat, such as the following:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Thighs

It is then purified and injected into the upper quadrant of the buttocks so that it appears lifted and perky. Your skin is also tightened, making this method an ideal choice for patients who have loose skin from excessive weight loss.

The Butt Implants Procedure:

This procedure can increase the size and shape of the buttock area, helping it to appear rounder and more prominent. This is done by placing silicone implants via small incisions, hidden in the crack between the buttock cheeks. When the incision heals it is difficult to detect and the result is a round and prominent buttock.

Butt Implants Before & After Photos


*Individual results may vary.

Butt Augmentation Incisions

Depending on the type of procedure, the following incisions may be used:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift - The liposuction incisions are just big enough to allow the suction tube to go under the skin and remove the fat. The incisions used for injecting the fat into the buttock regions are equally small.
  • Butt Implants - Typically a two- to three-inch incision is made in the fold between the buttock cheeks. Alternative locations are the outer corners of the upper buttock or the bottom in the gluteal crease.

What is the recovery time for butt augmentation?

Since each buttock augmentation procedure is different, their recovery times are slightly different. Their recovery times are listed below:

  • Brazilian Butt lift (fat transfer) is typically 10 to 14 days
  • Butt Implants takes 7 to 14 days
  • Butt Implants with fat transfer is 7 to 10 days

All of these surgeries are outpatient.

How soon will I see results?

Initial results are immediate; however, there will be some swelling, which typically resolves in four to six weeks. So you will be able to see some of the results of augmentation and lifting immediately after your surgery, and as the swelling decreases, the results will improve.

How soon can I resume normal activities?

In general, normal activities can be resumed after approximately three weeks, including work. We recommend that patients wait two weeks before returning to light daily activities and four weeks before resuming full physical activity. Light walking is permitted throughout the recovery period. High-intensity buttock exercises, such as squats, lunges, etc., should be avoided for three months.

Can I combine a butt lift with other procedures?

This is possible, but not recommended for two reasons. We don't want our patients under anesthesia longer than necessary as there may be more risks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a multiple procedure surgeries that requires liposuction first, in order to harvest the needed fat. The liposuction portion of the procedure may include various areas of the body, such as flanks, inner thighs, and stomach, in order to harvest enough fat to inject into the buttocks. This results in multiple areas that will be painful after surgery, limiting mobility and sleep, both crucial to the recovery process.

Are there risks to a brazilian butt lift procedure?

Generally, the risk of complications from a Brazilian butt lift is low. The biggest risks for this procedure are lumps and asymmetry but can include embolism, infection, and complications of anesthesia and of liposuction. When performed by a board-certified and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Himansu Shah, the procedure should carry a favorable risk-to-benefit ratio.

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For more information on buttock augmentation, contact our office at 702.684.5502 to schedule a consultation today. You can also fill out the form below or the form in our contact page to book a personalized appointment with Dr. Himansu Shah. Signature Plastic Surgery & Dermatology serves Henderson, Las Vegas and surrounding areas in Nevada.

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