Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

Himansu Shah M.D. F.A.C.S. is a multispecialty Plastic surgeon offering a wide range of different surgical treatment options in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are considering body contouring surgery after significant weight loss, you have the opportunity to create the body you have always wanted with the skill and expertise offered by Dr. Shah. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can discuss your body contouring needs and your goals for your surgery. With his help, you can easily have the figure you have been dreaming of.

About Body Contouring

After any amount of massive weight loss whether from exercise or weight loss surgery, the body has skin and muscle that has lost its elasticity. This excess skin can be very visible in parts of the body that held the most amount of excess weight such as the stomach, inner thighs, and arms. In these areas, the excess skin can hang and pool in layers that detract from the ideal appearance of the patient. However, body shaping and contouring offers the perfect solution. This surgical procedure removes the excess skin that has formed as a result of the previous weight gain, offering a tighter and more streamlined appearance.

The accomplishment of massive weight loss can often be marred by excess loose and sagging skin. This can be a source of great distress for individuals who have worked so hard to lose the weight. Signature Surgery is pleased to offer aesthetic body contouring to Las Vegas patients that can help you to have a body you can feel proud of. The excellent before and after photos speak for Dr. Shah’s work.

What Is the Body Contouring Process?

There are a couple of ways you can go about contouring your body.

One of those ways is called cryolipolysis. Also known as CoolSculpting, this is a process of using extremely cold temperatures on various parts of the body. This freezes the fat cells so that the body can get rid of them.

Surgical body contouring procedures reduce excess fat and skin for the long-term. The most popular are:

  • Tummy tucks
  • Liposuction
  • Butt lift
  • Thigh lift
  • Upper arm lift

Dr. Shah can help you plan a body contouring process that will sculpt and define your curves.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for the Body Contouring Process?

If you are at or near your ideal body weight but have pockets of stubborn fat and/or excess, deflated skin, then body contouring is a great solution. Body contouring is not a weightloss solution; instead, it removes small areas of fat and sculpts troublesome spots.

You should also have realistic expectations of what surgery can achieve. It's good at reducing excess skin and fat on various areas of the body. Surgical contouring provides long-lasting results that you can maintain with a stable body weight and active lifestyle. You should be pursuing body contouring for yourself, not to please someone else or fulfill their expectations of you.

Will I Have Any Scars After Body Contouring?

Yes, all surgical procedures lead to minimal scars. For example, if you are having a tummy tuck done, an incision is made across the lower pelvic area, along the bikini line. Liposuction leaves very small incisions where the cannula is inserted. Other procedures have their own incision locations. Dr. Shah will point out where the scars will be located.

Typically the scars are in locations that are not easily seen. The trade-off to looking and feeling your best may be having some scarring on your body. The scar will be red and raised at first. It will mature over the course of the first year, most likely becoming flatter and closer to your skin color. We provide tips for making sure your incisions heal correctly.

How Long Does the Body Contouring Process Take?

First you'll visit Dr. Shah for a consultation to discuss your candidacy and your options. Next, you'll schedule your surgery and learn about costs and financing. Surgical procedures take 2-4 hours typically. The exact duration depends on which procedure(s) you elect. You'll spend a little time after the procedure recovering before being cleared to go home. After several weeks of rest and downtime, you will gradually begin resuming your full routine.

What Is the Recovery and Aftercare for Body Contouring?

Most procedures are outpatient, which means you get to go home the same day as the surgery. You should expect some swelling with your surgery, but this is normal for the healing process.

Depending on the surgery, you may be going home with some drains which will drain any excess fluid from the body. Again, this is to prevent any build-up internally.

You'll have some bandages that will need to be changed based on your doctor's recommendations. You'll also often have to wear a compression garment, this will reduce swelling and help your skin shrink back to the body contour.

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