Liposuction in Las Vegas & Henderson

What is Liposuction?

If you are concerned about stubborn fat you cannot get rid of even with a diligent diet and exercise, we just got the answer for you: liposuction. This procedure, also known as lipoplasty, targets particular areas of the body to remove excess fat with a various liposculpting techniques.

We can perform smaller areas in our office and we're ready to answer your questions about whether it could help give you the leaner body you've dreamed to have.

Video: Liposuction Surgery in Las Vegas
Dr. Shah of Signature Plastic Surgery offers liposuction surgery to Las Vegas and Henderson patients. Contact his practice today to learn more.

Different Types of Liposuction Options to Consider

At our facilities, you can get either the ultrasound-assisted liposculpting or power assisted liposculpting. During this procedure, our board-certified Plastic surgeon, Dr. Himansu Shah, uses ultrasonic waves to implode fat cells followed by aspiration. This is accomplished by injecting tumescent fluid which contains the numbing medication which allows us to perform this procedure in the office.


If you choose to have liposuction of a small area of the body, such as neck, abdomen, arm, love handles, and thigh liposuction, requires only a local anesthetic. In other cases, such as when multiple areas of the body are being liposculpted, a more extensive operation would be required to do in a surgery center under a general anesthetic.

Offering Cosmetic Surgery Solutions for You

Dr. Shah and staff are here to offer state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures including CoolSculpting, as an alternative to liposuction. Dr. Shah is double boarded Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience. He is well reputed for stunning out come and safe procedures of liposculpting he has helped many patients with.