Brow Lift Surgery in Las Vegas

You can make your face look more youthful by getting a brow lift in Las Vegas from our plastic surgeon Dr. Shah. As we age our facial skin loses elasticity and wrinkles. The brow droops and creases on forehead appears giving angry, sad, aged or tired look. At Signature we can help you restore more youthful refreshed look. With this procedure of brow lift we can soften your transverse wrinkles on forehead worry lines between eyebrows.

Choosing A Endobrow Lift To Restore Your Face

As we age we develop wrinkles with prominent lines on the face. When we express we use many facial muscles. Over period of time it makes worry lines and so on forehead. A brow lift is the procedure to get rid of these prominent lines.

Important Details About Browlift

Our plastic surgery office specializes in endoscopic brow lifts. During this procedure, a surgeon uses a fiber-optic instrument called an endoscope to raise the position of the brows and fix loose skin in the corners of the eyes. This allows to complete operations that formerly required large incisions, but now can be finished by making small slits.

This medical advancements in endoscopy have been very advantageous to the plastic surgery industry, because they mean scarring after these operations is minimal, and recovery time is usually shorter. The process begins by contacting our office to schedule an appointment. Check out our website to learn more information about the scope of services we offer. Dr. Shah’s Las Vegas breast implantsliposuction and tummy tuck patients also receive the latest in surgical advancements to reduce scars and recovery time.

Make A Decision About Brow Lifts

Undergoing a surgical procedure can be frightening, but it’s our goal to help you feel excited about what the future holds. Whether you’ve been considering a forehead lift for a long time or only recently become aware of its potential benefits, we are ready to address concerns and answer questions.

Medical Expertise and Supplemental Resources

Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Himansu Shah, is double board certified in his specialty and will take time to make sure you are fully aware of what the procedure entails. You can also visit our website to find photo galleries and videos explaining the steps of different types of procedures, plus the kind of results to expect. Contact our Las Vegas office now at 702.684.5502 to set up your appointment.

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