Lip Augmentation Surgery

Lip Augmentation Surgery

Are you dissatisfied with the shape and plumpness of your lips? Many desire full and well-defined lips yet are unable to find success with over-the-counter lip plumping balms or at-home remedies.

Ideal candidates for Lip Augmentation

If you're self-conscious about the thinness of your lips and are interested in receiving lip augmentation in Las Vegas, it's essential that you rely on a trusted, certified specialist for the best results. Contact us at Signature Plastic Surgery, and receive the gratifying results you've been searching for. Board certified plastic surgeon, Himansu Shah, M.D., F.A.C.S., applies his knowledge and capability to each patient to meet and exceed their needs and goals.

Common Cause of Lip Thinness

Many individuals find that as they age, the once full appearance of their lips steadily declines. Unfortunately, correcting this problem can be difficult without the skilled hands of a professional. An abundance of collagen, a protein that cushions and strengthens the body's soft tissue, is needed to give lips a shapely appearance.

One of the few causes of thinning lips can be attributed to the fact that as you age your body naturally begins to produce less collagen. Over time, this can cause your lips to thin out noticeably and develop unwanted wrinkles. Dr. Shah regularly performs lip augmenting procedures at our Las Vegas cosmetic surgery practice, and will work carefully to help your lips retain a youthful, healthy look.

Schedule a Lip Augmentation Consultation

Maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance through cosmetic procedures can be a difficult step for many patients, and it helps to have the support and assurance of an experienced plastic surgeon. Even non-invasive lip enhancement procedures require thought and careful consideration.

Dr. Shah makes it a point to develop a strong understanding of exactly what each patient wants and the best treatment options available to that individual. Through his talent, you'll be confidence or smiling comfortably.

For additional information on lip augmentation or other procedures including rhinoplasty and facelift surgery, please contact Dr. Shah.