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The Signature Institute of Aesthetics Sculpting in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a leading provider of hand surgery procedures aimed at relieving patients of the debilitating pain associated with many hand ailments. Plastic surgeon Dr.Shah has created a practice in which clients can make well-informed decisions for their hand surgery procedures with confidence knowing that they are working with one of the most well-respected and experienced surgeons anywhere in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are a variety of hand surgery procedures offered by Dr. Shah including carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, ganglion finger release, ulnar nerve release, and Dupuytren’s contracture. Regardless of the procedure, Dr. Shah will consult with all of his patients in an effort to align the goals of the patient with the expectations of the procedure.

Dr. Shah has a very impressive resumé of education and experience as a plastic surgeon. However, it is not only the education and expertise that have made Dr. Shah one of the most sought after hand surgery professionals in the country. Dr. Shah is recognized by many patients to be not only professional but compassionate and caring toward the needs of every patient. Dr. Shah has dedicated himself to listening to his patients and truly understanding their goals and needs. This commitment to each individual patient has truly set Dr. Shah apart as a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Hand Surgery

For those who suffer with the agonizing pain associated with hand ailments, the comfort and rejuvenation associated with hand surgery can be life changing. The carpal tunnel release surgery can relieve patients of the numbness, burning pain, weakness and clumsiness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. The trigger finger release is a very common procedure for patients between the ages of 60 and 80 years old. The trigger finger release procedure will allow your finger or thumb to move freely without locking. The ganglion cyst excision is a procedure to relieve a condition in which a fluid-filled sac appears around joints and tendons in the hand. Many times these cysts may decrease in sizeover time but often times the pain will drive patients to surgery to relieve this pain. The ulnar nerve release is a procedure offered at Signature in which the nerve is released from the cubital tunnel and transposed submuscularly. Dupuytren’s contracture is often seen in elderly patients and leads to the fingers becoming rigid with disuse. Even though massage and stretching may allow reasonable function, the Dupuytren’s contracture procedure provides the only certain treatment. It is important for each and every one of our patients to consult with Dr. Shah on all of the options associated with each of these hand conditions.

Hand surgery offered through Signature Institute of Aesthetics Sculpting in Las Vegas, Nevada, will offer the very best options for remedy while providing patients with the very highest level of confidence in the procedure. Dr. Shah can assure every patient that he will take every step necessary to make sure that each surgery or procedure provides the remedy in relief that the patient is seeking. All of these hand surgery procedures including carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, ganglion finger release, ulnar nerve release, and Dupuytren’s contracture are offered through Signature. We are certain that once you consult with Dr. Shah on your goals, you’ll find confidence and comfort as you move toward your procedure. We look forward to helping you at Signature Institute of Aesthetics Sculpting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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