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Reconstructive surgery is a very special area of plastic surgery. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, which may be based in personal preference and ideals, this treatment is often restorative. Whether you would like to reverse the effects of illness like cancer, injury or other disfigurement. Dr. Shah and his team have the skill and experience to provide the best reconstruction surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here, we understand that the plastic surgery you desire may involve not only physicality, but psychological concerns. For this reason, the care you receive will be particularly sensitive and tailored to your goals. Many of our patients list compassion when asked what truly sets Dr. Shah apart from others in his field. We want you to feel good – inside and out.

There are a number of circumstances that lead people to seek reconstructive surgery. Breast cancer, burn scars, keloid excision, and many more are among the reasons that patients request our services. In addition, serious conditions such as skin cancer can be addressed at Signature Plastic Surgery. Dr. Shah will take the time to help determine what solution will be best for you, and work in conjunction with the rest of your health care team.

Dr Shah’s great experience of Breast reconstruction sets him apart from many Plastic surgeons. His excellent result and very understanding nature makes feel every patient very comfortable. He works hand in hand with Breast surgeon for various staged procedure for Breast reconstruction. After removal of cancer tissue from the breast Dr. Shah helped many patients with breast reconstruction. It is done in staging with expanders to allow creating the space for the implant.

Education is a huge part of providing effective reconstruction surgery for Dr. Shah. When you can make an informed decision, you become your own advocate, and an integral part of your own health care.

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