Laser Skin Resurfacing

Correct Embarrassing, Unsightly Blemishes with Laser Skin Resurfacing

Most of us take steps to protect and improve the look and feel of our skin. Acne scars, wrinkles, blotches, and other aggravating skin conditions are widely regarded as unpleasant to look at and cope with, and many do their best to minimize their appearance. To speed up the removal of certain skin imperfections, many individuals trust a professional to perform laser skin resurfacing. For individualized treatment with a surgeon who'll take a genuine interest in helping to improve the condition of your skin, contact us at Signature Institute of Aesthetic Sculpting. Our renowned plastic surgeon, Himansu Shah, M.D., F.A.C.S., has assisted countless patients throughout his career achieve the blemish-free skin they were otherwise unable to attain.

How It’s Done

Laser skin resurfacing, is an innovative procedure that's implemented to noticeably reduce problem areas on patients' skin. During this procedure, Dr. Shah will utilize controlled and precise beams of light to effectively loosen and remove the scarred and undesirable outer layers of your skin. After the loosened layers are peeled away, the skin heals with younger-looking clearer and flawless look. Laser skin surfacing also helps to elevate skin volume and hydration and encourages the recently cleared area to develop softer, healthier skin by removing wrinkled skin or discoloration skin. In a few patients who have very deep acne scars may need more than one treatment with Laser resurfacing or possible dermabrasions.

If your skin has negatively impacting your self-perception, Dr. Shah will gladly collaborate with you to determine whether you would be a good candidate for the procedure.

Heals and Strengthens Skin

For countless individuals coping with facial scarring, wrinkles, or discolorations, over-the-counter treatments and natural remedies simply don't offer various solutions. Many may try dozens of products in an attempt to soften their skin and reduce the visibility of flaws. Laser skin surfacing provides noticeable results. Our Las Vegas, Nevada practice regularly sees and treats patients looking to restore radiance and smoothness to their skin. With the professional assistance of Dr. Shah, you'll have the opportunity to fulfill the aspirations you have for your image.

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