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Micropen Treatment Las Vegas

MicroPen, or Automated Micro-Needling, treatment is a new technology created by Eclipse and used in aesthetic medicine for helping the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and improvement of the skin’s overall appearance. Dr. Himansu Shah offers MicroPen treatments to his patients at the Signature Institute of Aesthetic Sculpting.

How Does MicroPen Treatment Work?

MicroPen creates micro-channels with topical gels, creams and serums to improve the overall appearance of the skin. The MicroPen technology is the most advanced medical-grade automating needling device on the market.

What are the Benefits?

  • Positive effect on hyperpigmentation on all skin types
  • Overall reduction of fine lines/wrinkles
  • Younger-looking skin with less signs of aging
  • Reduction of the appearance of acne scars
  • Reduction of the appearance of stretch marks
  • Adds an overall natural glow to the skin

Where Can it be Used?

  • All body parts

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Treatment times vary depending on the size of the area or areas being treated, but usually, the procedure takes 20-40 minutes.

What is the Downtime After Treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, you will notice bright red coloring on the affected area. The usual healing time is 2-4 days after the treatment but could be as little as 24 hours. Some skin products provided by skincare providers can help speed up the process of healing. The redness can also be covered by makeup during this time.

Female MicroPen-Treatment

How Many Treatments Should a Patient Have?

Some patients find that one treatment per year achieves optimal results.

However, to treat hyperpigmentation it is recommended that patients have two to three treatments about six to eight weeks apart. For patients with deep wrinkles, advanced photo-aging, stretch marks or acne scars, it is recommended that patients have six to eight treatments in six-week intervals.

What Does it Feel Like during the Procedure?

The MicroPen treatment feels like light sandpaper being brushed across the skin. While some areas are more sensitive, the speed of the reciprocating needle tip will reduce discomfort while the hydrating gel used will make the treatment more comfortable.

How is the Procedure Done?

A needle containing 12 tiny micro-needles is attached to the MicroPen. The aesthetician will use a layer of topical gel on the area that is being treated and select the appropriate setting for the patient, based on the patient’s unique skin needs. The needle will be pressed against the skin and move smoothly through the area until the treated area has been covered.

When Do You See Results?

You will notice your skin glowing within one day, and continually improving for the days and weeks after, as your skin produces more collagen. The results of this treatment show skin improvement continually for up to six months.

MicroPen works on all skin types, creating amazing results with very minimal downtime. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shah for MicroPen treatment by contacting the Signature Institute of Aesthetic Sculpting at .

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