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Trigger finger is a common condition among patients in the 60 to 80 year age, although it can certainly happen at other times as well. Dr. Shah and the team of Signature Plastic Surgery will be glad to help you find relief with trigger finger surgery and release in Las Vegas.

Trigger finger is characterized by a thumb or finger getting stuck in a bent position, and then straightening and releasing with a snap like motion, similar to how a trigger is released. In the most severe cases, a thumb or finger may become stuck in that bent position. The result is discomfort, pain, inhibited function and inconvenience. The cause appears to be that the sheath surrounding the affected finger’s tendon narrows, pulling the entire finger into position. If you often perform hand motions that involve repetitive gripping, you are more susceptible to trigger finger. Women are also more prone to the condition.

Signature Plastic Surgery is able to perform a procedure that literally releases the problem tendon, restoring your hand to comfort and movement. The approach is safe and effective and does not require a great deal of recovery time.

Surgery for trigger finger is an alternative to drug and steroid use. Although it may be a bit more invasive, this solution might be best for those who do not want to be on a treatment regimen or take medications that will not work with the trigger finger drugs.

While you wait for your surgery date, you may find comfort in reducing actions that worsen trigger finger, such as typing and gripping. You can also try massage as well as soaking your hand in warm water to relax the muscles and tendons.

Don’t suffer any longer than you have to. Signature Plastic Surgery will be glad to answer any questions about trigger finger surgery, and get you scheduled with one of the best doctors in Las Vegas!

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