Quick Changes For Maximum Impact

Appearance is more than looking good; it’s also feeling good. Regardless of the images, we are inundated with on a daily basis, we all have our natural sense of how we would like to look. This doesn’t come from what we see in a magazine; it stems from our inner character traits. When you think about it, you have an image of yourself that comes from nowhere but your mind’s eye. This can be a wonderful starting point, this image because it can lead to quick changes that refine facial beauty – and that often leads to boosted confidence.

Cosmetic treatments and surgeries have evolved so much over the years that we may feel somewhat stuck in the sea they create. Here, we want to point out three simple ways in which the entire face can change.

  1. Lip augmentation. To change the shape and fullness of the lips is to change the entire smile. Even when you’re not smiling, fuller, more defined lips are valuable to your overall appearance. Research suggests that fuller lips make a person appear younger, healthier, and friendlier. To get a fuller, a more sensual mouth is as easy as talking with your cosmetic surgeon about injectables. Dermal fillers provide just enough boost to achieve the desired outcome.
  2. BOTOX®. We know from research that lines and wrinkles do a lot more than make a person appear older. Depending on the characteristics of facial aging, concerns like a drooping brow or frown lines may develop. When frown lines occur, a person may also appear rather unfriendly and unapproachable. When the outer edge of the brow droops, a person may look sad. Each of these problems and more can be corrected with BOTOX Cosmetic. A brief treatment session can significantly improve the friendliness and youthfulness of the face.
  3. Rhinoplasty. The nose, sitting front and center on the face, is an anchor point of sorts. Its size and shape affect the whole. Therefore, rhinoplasty or even refinement of the nose using injectables has an enormous effect on facial harmony. Subtle narrowing of the bridge or tip of the nose can significantly change the whole vibe of the face.

One of the wonderful aspects of aesthetic medicine is the reassurance our patients get from seeing how simple it can be to make a powerful impact on their appearance. To learn more about BOTOX, dermal fillers, or cosmetic surgery, call our Henderson, NV office at 702-684-5502.