Reaching New Heights With Brow Lift Treatment

Facial aging isn’t the result of biological changes alone. Over time and study, science has discovered that the appearance of features such as the eyes, forehead, and the mouth is also related to life itself. Biologically, we lose vital collagen as we grow older. This isn’t something we can do much about (though we can foster healthy collagen production). The skin on the face also responds to the environment. We can support youthfulness with good sun care habits. Finally, facial expressions are going to have some effect on appearance over time. All in all, these various factors can lead to a great deal of frustration.

There are concerns that we can help you with, including aging eyes that stem from a fallen brow line. If you have begun to notice a change in the openness of your eyes, consider the options you have for lifting a heavy brow line.

Non-Surgical Care

The most common non-surgical brow lift known at this time is Botox. This injectible product is well-known for its wrinkle-fighting capabilities, but it is also a very appropriate option for men and women whose brow line no longer sits across the upper orbital rim. The Botox brow lift offers some advantages for individuals with mild to moderate drooping. Primarily, patients appreciate the non-surgical option for its minimally-invasive nature; no anesthesia and no downtime. Additionally, though, treating a sagging brow with Botox also serves as a sort of “trial-run,” allowing patients to see what would be possible should they choose to go the surgical route at some point.

Non-surgical brow lifting is a solid choice for many patients, but it is not right for everyone. More severe drooping should be corrected with a precision lift technique.

The Surgical Brow Lift

Las Vegas area plastic surgeon Dr. Shah performs the brow lift procedure using the endoscopic technique. This method of correction involves smaller incisions, which patients appreciate due to the expedited recovery following surgery. In addition to redraping tissue higher on the forehead, the brow lift can also weaken the muscle that pulls the brow downward, elongating the results of surgery.

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