Refresh Your Face For The Holidays

While we may not revel in snowfall during the winter months, the holiday season offers plenty of pleasure. Before you dive head-first into the most festive time of the year, consider how you want to present yourself. There is ample time to correct the signs of aging you’d prefer to hide under that Winter beanie or Santa’s hat, and the team at Signature Plastic Surgery in Henderson has the services you need to feel your best long before those holiday gatherings.

Skin Tightening

Get a jump start on a great new you for the New Year by scheduling your skin tightening treatment early. Loose, sagging skin can age you whether it is noticeable on your face, such as around your eyes or your jaw line, or if it is on your neck. We offer two options for resolving the issue of laxity in these areas. Patients who have chosen to tighten their skin with Ultherapy ultrasound treatment appreciate the convenience and lasting results of their procedure. Another option for younger-looking skin is to rebuild collagen through radio frequency technology. The multiple RF sources in our Endymed 3Deep treatment treat sagging skin, as well as unwanted fatty deposits. Results do occur over time, so schedule treatment early!

Skin Smoothing

Whether you have a few weeks before you need to be party-ready, or you have an event coming up in the next few days, there is time to reveal the best in your facial features. There’s no need to go into the holiday season looking tired or angry because of heavy eyelids or drooping brows. Schedule a Botox treatment to rejuvenate your eyes, and all that sleep you’re not getting won’t matter a bit. For lines and wrinkles around the mouth or nose, many of our patients request dermal filler treatment. In addition to smoothing the skin, filler products can reduce concerns such as flattened cheeks and under eye bags. We can even rejuvenate your hands so you go into the New Year looking younger than you did 365 days ago!

Schedule A Consultation

Signature Plastic Surgery offers friendly care in a professional environment. We wish you a holiday season filled with beauty and confidence. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling 702-684-5502 today!