Skin Plastic Surgery Las Vegas & Henderson, NV We all live much busier lives than did our ancestors. We multitask and implement numerous strategies to make the most of every moment we’ve got. What better way to add something exceedingly beneficial to all the busy-ness of living than to visit Signature Institute of Aesthetic Sculpting for a rejuvenating lunchtime service?

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of beauty services to patients from the Henderson area. Consider how the following may fit nicely into your lunch hour:

  • Botox is probably the first aesthetic treatment that has been referred to as a “lunchtime makeover.” Because this injectable typically incurs no side effects other than temporary redness in localized areas, it is perfect even when there is a bit of a time-crunch. The effects of this wrinkle-reducing treatment will gradually occur over the several days following injections.
  • Dermal fillers. For an instant boost in youthfulness and beauty – oh, and confidence – consider scheduling dermal filler treatment in our comfortable office. Even on your lunch hour, it is possible to complete your consultation and treatment, and still, have time to grab a bite before returning to your day as a younger-looking you.
  • A popular skin-tightening treatment, Ultherapy stimulates long-term collagen reformation by heating tissue below the surface using ultrasound energy. The skin may appear slightly red for a short time after treatment, but usually not so much so that you want to stay out of the spotlight. In fact, your skin may radiate a healthy glow that garners positive attention!
  • PRP skin rejuvenation. Ok, maybe this is a treatment to schedule after a hard day at the office. The process itself typically takes less than an hour. After applying numbing cream to the skin, we “spin” blood that has been drawn from the arm. This separates out platelet-rich plasma, which is concentrated with beneficial growth factors. Microneedling is then performed to create tiny microchannels in the skin, which allows PRP to permeate the surface more easily. Redness may be more noticeable after this treatment but typically subsides over a few hours.

We love helping our patients feel great about their appearance. Learn more about our anti-aging services here or give us a call at 702-684-5502.

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